You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

So, the haps this weekend. It was a crazy weekend and I still only got about 1/3rd of the stuff on my list done this weekend.

The plan Friday was supposed to be to head over to Duane and Maria's for their Halloween get together and then head over to Jeni Levi's place in Powell for the Class of 90 18yr. Reunion (don't ask...it has something to do with Facebook, though).

So, sounds solid. Except for one thing. I had an IMG (International Media Group, a company that I'm part of with 4 other people that does media production of all kinds) meeting on Saturday and I needed to get a test burn DVD done for the media so we could decide if we were going to take on a particular DVD project or not. Basically I wound up working on that until about 11 or so on Friday night (thereby missing both parties).

And it was OK. By the time Friday evening rolled around, I really wasn't up for partying anyway, so I was glad I had something to work on. And from the looks of things, fun was had by those that did attend the parties, so that was cool.

Saturday wasn't really that exciting. Nothing really going on except for the IMG meeting. I hit that about 2 PM. It was only supposed to go until 6 (because, afterall we had to rush home to watch the Buckeyes blow it). But a few of us wound up staying until about 7:30 working on a couple of ideas for projects that we're going to be working.

Basically this is going to be a long-term deal. This might eventually become my full time job (and I say might in the event that anyone from my current place of employment reads this. It's cool. It's at least a couple years away from being a full time gig). It just means that I'm gonna have to bust hump for a while (45 hours at my current job....easily 20-30 hours a week working on IMG projects). It's gonna wind up being worth it (someone please remind me of that when I'm forgetting that 6 months from now).

Today was church and then home to catch some NFL. Jen came home from her mom's and we went over to Lenscrafter to pickup my clip-on sunglasses ($65 for special order clip-ons was better than $225 for Rx sunglasses). We also hit Hot Topic so Jen could check out the clearance rack.

I saw (but didn't purchase) this. And I had to laugh. Because I know 4 drummers. Only one of whom I've known to get (nearly) naked behind the kit. So, Kristen, you can pick this up at Hot Topic.

I also got (and am currently rocking) this:

No. Your eyes do not deceive you. That IS a turntable. And it IS spinning (although you can't really tell that from the pic, can you?).

So, that's about where we are this weekend.

How's things with you?


It's all my fault

This made me laugh. and then when I was done laughing I realized it really wasn't that funny.


RRFC: Last Post, I swear

OK. The DVDs came from each of the 4 cities I was at. So, this will (in all likeliehood) be the last post to talk directly about the week at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. I'll probably update this post with the actual videos at some point, but I'm at work and I don't think editing footage (even on my lunch) that isn't work related is such a hot idea.
So-during each camp there was a dude going around with a nice Canon (XL2, I think) and was filming us at the camp (with our counselors)...filming different activities...he got close-up shots of us playing both during the camp and the concerts. It was rad. I felt like a celebutard. So, I get the package in the mail and I'm expecting some high production value (Based on the taking of the footage and the fact that they are charging $50/ea for these things). And I got a mailer...it had 4 slim-line jewel cases (like the kind you get a Office Max 50 for $10) wrapped in a brochure for the camp. Not even some bubble wrap and the mailer wasn't padded.  This didn't bode well.
I looked at the discs, half expecting them to be labeled in Sharpie. They were actually printed discs (kudos for that). But I put it in and there were two menu items
  • The Concert
  • The Bands
So I'm thinking, cool! I can click on the bands and see a little VH1 Behind the Musickery. Nope. After clicking to the our band in Phoenix (which has been misspelled everywhere as the Heebeegeebees-it was supposed to be The HeebeeBeeGees) I was taken to our spot in the concert.  The footage looked like it was shot with a consumer camera (I honestly could have probably had sharper image with my cam). And everytime the kick drum hit, the frame shook (thank goodness there's very little kick drum in AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and The Who songs). So, I was a little bummed by that. I told Nancy (but still have not showed here the DVDs yet) and she said 'Maybe that's part of the camp. They wanted to give you that bootleg concert video experience. That actually cheered me up a bit and I laughed about it. Who knows-maybe next year, I'll shoot Zak an email and offer up my services as camp videographer for the tour. It'd be a lot of work and maybe not possible while in my present job, but I'm certain of one thing, I could deliver a product as good or better than what I got this year. For what it is, though, it's good. And I'm keeping the mindset of a 'bootleg concert video' (because in the case of the Fillmore show, that's actually what it was-they allow almost NO filming of shows unless its with their video crew). And the LA stuff looks pretty good. But, you know-it is what it is.
I thought maybe the Concert would give me a little better shots. But it was essentially the full concert (basically the 'Bands' section was done as chapter markers for the 'Concert' section). And I'm bummed that the Counselor Jam is no where on the DVD. WTF? Whatever. I didn't pay for it. So who am I to bitch about it?
So, yeah. It's all good. Next time you're over, I'll probably bust them out and show you my 15 minutes (x4) in the spotlight! :-)
Rock on, dude!


First off, to my Facebook peeps, thank you. You know who you are.
Secondly-things are going pretty well.
This past weekend Dad and I went on our quarterly 'guys only' road trip to Kentucky. There were a few objectives for the trip. Most I knew about, one I didn't until yesterday. The main objective was to hit Durbin, KY and get some homemade apple butter and watch how Sorghum (or SARGUM, if you're older than 50 and from Kentucky or Southern Ohio) is made from cane to syrup (when we went last year, they were just finishing up for the day so we didn't get to see the process). I have pictures and video of that portion of the trip, so I'll be posting those later.
We also went out to the family farm. We found out that the guy who bought it wound up selling it.  We also found that the farmhouse burned to the ground (this happened the week I was at RRFC), taking my great aunt's secret stash of cash (of which were sure there were thousands) with it and leaving only the chimney. I have pix of that at home, too. It's sad, but fitting in a way. I'm pretty sure the ancestors are going to make it difficult for anyone but family to really truly enjoy that land.
While we were out that way we got some Sugar Stick Candy (my 2nd favorite candy...first depending on the day) from Bob Ferguson's store out in Blaine (B&L in case you're out that way). I have never seen this candy in Ohio. And it's not even in the areas of Kentucky that are close to Ohio (Ashland, Flatwoods, etc.). It's like there's a law somewhere that you can only sell this stuff in little mom+pop general stores.
It was a good and weird weekend. My 2nd cousin died while we were down there. My dad was close to him and it kinda hit him hard. It was weird haivng Dad wake me up Sunday morning to tell me and having the feeling of 'I really don't remember who that is.' But he was my dad's age, so I'm sure that's part of what jacked Dad up about it.
And then on the way back, I had a heart to heart with Dad. Or rather, I listened. And he told me some things that completely shattered some of my underlying assumptions about my childhood. I think that's going to be a good thing eventually. Right now it's just a LOT to wrap my head around.It's kinda got me jacked up, but I know that when I get through the sorting out of it, it'll be good and I'll be a much better person for it. And I think it helped Dad to tell me things that he's wanted to tell me for 30+ years. I can't imagine how much this stuff was eating him up inside. But like I said, I think it's gonna be good for both of us.
So let the healing begin. :-)
I RSVP'd as a 'maybe' to the mini-reunion this Friday. I'm gonna go. Touch base with people I haven't seen in 20 years. Not sure how long we'll stay or what, but I think it will be good. I think I need to see that people can change. I'm pretty sure that's the lesson that the Lord has put in my life right now. That my assumptions and premises about people can (and usually are) completely off-base from what those people are actually like. And just because something happened in the past, or a person was a certain way in the past, it doesn't necessarily mean that they stayed that way 20 years later. And to interact (or not) with them based on those assumptions without knowing who the person is TODAY is just not a good thing. I have a hard time of letting go of things that hurt me (or hurt my feelings). And I just got a phenomenal wake-up call this weekend about how that can really be wrong and wind up hurting other people. So I think because of that, I need to go Friday and just re-connect with some of my classmates again. If anything to start over..saying 'look...I may have been an incredible douche 20 years ago...you may have been a tool...but that was then. Here's who I am today. Who are you?'  And that's also the reason I'm gonna wind up going over to Soissons afterward (if it's still going on when I'm ready to leave the Mini Reunion). I figured out my costume for that, too (but need a blond wig). I'm gonna go as Spicoli-thirty years later. Cargo shorts, Vans, Baja, maybe a pizza box for good measure.
That idea came from an idea I had in the shower a couple of weeks ago. It was simply this. You know how people say that Elvis had his 'fat Elvis period?' Well, what if other famous people from history had their own 'Fat phase.' This would require some mad photo-shop skillz. But a few I was thinking of ...Fat Hitler....Fat Hendrix...Fat___________ (I really only had Fat Hitler and Fat Hendrix). But I think it could work. It COULD be funny (even in a 'dude, that's so wrong' kind of way).
That's all I got for now. It feels weird. It's like things are still the same but some things have changed over the weekend and I know parts of me will never be the same again. And I think that's a good thing.


I was shown my own personal matrix today

You take the blue pill and the story ends.
You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland, 
and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Have you ever had this foundation that you've based several areas of your life on....a construct that you just took at face value as the natural order of things...only to have it completely presented to you in a way that was nothing at all like you had been living (for the past 30+ years)?

All I can say is that I can't go into the details. I promised that I wouldn't. Not for a long while. And that's ok. I don't know that I could tell anyone right now.

All I can really say about it is this....I've had something happen to me today that is very VERY eerily parallel to what happened to Keanu Reeves in the Matrix.

I took the fucking red pill today boys and girls.

And I'm really not sure how far down the rabbit hole goes. I know the entrance to the rabbit hole was shown to me on Route 23 North this afternoon. And I can honestly say that today was one of those defining moments in my life where I can never again go back to the way certain things were. The plug has been pulled, and that skeleton is gone from my closet.

I know I can't turn back. Too many things are riding on me wrapping my head around the shit from today.

I only hope it doesn't take me 30 years to do it.


I haven't done a frickin' meme since the LJ days. But since I can't really write what's actually on my mind right now, I'll play along. 

This one come from mr. Stew.

46 ODD things about you! If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn

46 things about your friends, and let them learn 46 things about you!
Remember send it back to the person who sent it to you

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Not even on  someone else's plate.

2. Have you ever smoked heroin?
No, but I inhaled burning tires once and lost 4 hours.

3. Do you own a gun?
Not since I've had kids.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
I've never been to Sonic. Thanks for rubbing it in!

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
Not since I embraced my girth.

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
They're so damn awesome, someone should write a song about them...or at least their delivery method.

7. Favorite Christmas movie?
It's A Wonderful Life. Look at me! I'm givin' out wings!!

13. What is one trait you hate about yourself?
That I obsess over little shit...well, ok...any shit.But mostly...where the hell did questions 8-12 go? Is it really a meme if you cut out the questions you dont like? WTF?

14. Middle name?
Todd. Just leave it at that.

15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.
- Everything I thought as a kid was wrong
- I like candy corn
- I'm out of soda.

16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday.
Sorghum. Apple Butter (both homemade). Sugar Stick Candy.

18. Current worry...
That I can't think of something clever to write here.

19. Current hate right now?
Traffic. The thing, not the band.

20. Favorite place to be?
Performing. Which is odd, considering my history with that.

21. Where would you like to go?

22. Name three people who will complete this?
The person I ganked it from, the person he ganked it from...and Darrin.

23. Name three people you would like to complete this?

24. Shirt you are wearing?
Sinnister Motorsports tee

25. What year would you go back in time to?
1975. I got some shit to take care of back there.

26. Can you whistle?
Sure. Can you fart the alphabet?

27. Favorite color?
cloudy sky

28. Would you be a pirate?
of the 7-seas (of rhye)? no. of software and other commodities that should be free to the masses anyway? yeah.

29. Favorite girl's name?
Jenyfer and Nancy are pretty much at the top of my list.

30. Favorite boy's name?
It sure as shit isn't Andy or Drew.

31. Last thing you dreamed about?
My papaw.

32. What's in your pocket right now?
lint. And that white lining thing that you can pull out and make rabbit ears out of. 

33. Last person that made you laugh?

34. Best Halloween costume?
The two-headed, one-armed getup I had over at Duanes, circa 2000-ish.

35. Worst injury you've ever had?
I'd say a life-threatening hole in my heart valve is at the top of the list.

36. Do you like where you live?
yeah. good noodles.

37. How many TVs do you have in your house?

38. Who is your loudest friend?

39. How many dogs do you have?
1, beagle.

40. Does someone have a crush on you?
Is it a crush if they're married to you?

41. What is your favorite book?

42. What is your favorite candy?
Swedish Fish

43. Favorite Sports Team ?
whatever soccer team Tommy's playing on.

44. Favorite Sport?
To play? Indoor soccer. To watch? Football.

45. What were you doing 12 AM last night?
Drinking beer with my aunt, her roommate, my cousin, and my dad and wishing I had some biscuits for the sorghum and apple butter we bought.

46. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
who the heck is this cousin George that my dad said just died last night?


The Haps as of Late

So...the updates haven't been as frequent as I normally try for. I could blame it on this or that, but the truth is most of the time I don't feel like I have anything interesting enough to warrnant subjecting anyone else to it. So it mostly rattles around in my head.
I'm in a weird situation that I would never have imagined 20 years ago. Next week is a 'mini-reunion' of folks from my graduating class at Westerville South. I only found out about it because of the people that starting popping back in my life again on Facebook (which I only set up a profile on because we were going to be using it for Fantasy Football, but didn't). So anyway. It's weird. And if any of you peeps from over in Facebook land are reading this, it's gonna sound weird and maybe bad, but it's not meant to. It's just something that struck me as odd, that's all.
So, the oddness is this. Many of the people on that list are people that would not have hung around in social circles with me back in the day for any amount of money. There were just too many different forces in play. You had your Annehurst group, you had your HuberRidge Group, you had the jocks, preps, yearbook staff, newspaper staff,theatre folks, band geeks, grits, the nerds/geek/justSayNo crowd. The last group was the one I was in. So, admittedly I was probably seen as a goody-goody. Because I was a student athletic trainer, I was exposed to most of these other groups through sports the 4 years I was there and managed to float between various groups without really having any 'enemies' or problems with people (although when many members of the marching band conspired to make me think I had a secret admirer, I was a bit cheesed). I hung out with some of them. I actually only went to about 3 'parties'that I can remember in my entire high school career (5 if you count the 2 parties thrown by teachers). So, how does that relate to Facebook? Good question. I'm getting there. The people I hung most with in high school are not the people that have added me as friends in Facebook. The people on Facebook are the ones that I would consider to be in the 'popular' clique back in the day.  Although I knew some of them better than others, so that's cool. But it's weird it's like if you asked me back in high school if I'd be swapping stories about kids with so and so, I'd have asked you what you were smoking. And that was really more of an indicator of MY self esteem issues in high school. Like "why on earth would they want to be friends with ME?"
Which I guess is the point I'm trying to make. The shit that happened in high school didn't really matter. Sure there were good friends, cliques, unrequited lustings, but in the end none of that made any difference 20 years down the road. So to me, the concept of a mini-reunion...an informal night of hanging out and swapping 'where are they now' stories is actually quite intriquing. Out of the context of a 'formal' high school reunion, I can see the potential for actually getting to know some of the people that I didnt' really know (and didn't really know me) back in the day. Because, truth be told, I'm a really interesting mother-f**ker with some crazy stories from the past 20 years.
Yeah. Um. So that's sitting on my plate. I have to RSVP by tomorrow if I'm going to that or not. The thing about it is, it's on the same night as the annual Soisson Halloween party (that I haven't been to for 2 years). Duane and I used to get together and concoct these elaborate living dioramas of the macabre and scare the crap out of the trick or treaters. We haven't done that for 4 or 5 years now, but it was fun. I don't when it stopped or why, but life came along and shit drifted..as it does sometimes. So. Going to their party might be weird, too. Because we've been out of touch for a couple of years and it would just be odd. I mean, I know his whole family and his parents treat me like a son (named 'Scott...oh shoot, Todd' on most days) so it would be familiar. Like a pair of old sneakers you haven't worn for a while that you can just slip back on.
I'm just not sure I want to slip on the sneakers or try the penny loafers (which would be representing the mini-reunion for those of you playing the home game).
I'll probably wind up staying at home and watching "Life" on TV (there's irony in there somewhere).
The missus, of course, knows the Soissons, but is still leaving it up to me as to which I'd rather do.  I'd like to do both. I guess. Stop at the mini-reunion...hang out for a while. Then head over to Soy's and hang out for a while over there. It's doable. But..we'll see.
Other than that, work's been crazy...not really crazy...but busy. And steady (it's good for a support rep that people don't know everything there is to know about our software). I'm also ramping things in to high gear at ICC with the Video Ministry. We're meeting weekly to work on things and are planning to have the first 2 DVD sets done and for sale by 12/31 (which seems like a long time, but isn't really). The goal is for that to turn in to a full-time gig. And we're on target for that. I'm guessing it's a year or two out, but still a reachable thing. Which would just be CRAZY. Getting paid and making a living doing something that I have a passion and drive for?!? What kind of madness is this.
In other news, the Nokia N800 isn't getting sold. I've reflashed it and am reloading it to it's full geeky potential (or at least as much as I'll use of its full geeky potential). And we're chalking it up to a $300 lesson learned on the perils of being a gadget whore ($200 for the unit, $50 for the bluetooth keyboard and $50 for the various cases I've purchased for it). What IS really nice about it is the potential to throw a bunch of pix on there and have a nice digital photo album I can take places. Like say...a mini-reunion or a halloween party.
I was looking through the posts recently and I'm actually a bit bummed that the thrift store now sucks. Those posts were fun. I need to find another avenue of commenting on photographed quirkness. Perhaps I'll get some inspiration this weekend as I head down to KY with my dad for our quarterly father/son road trip.
Well, my lunch is almost over, so I better get back to work.
Peace out.


A message from Sammy

Huh? Oh...that's right. Today IS a special day!....it's Tommy's Birthday.

Maybe he'll take me for a special walk for my..er..his birthday.

Hmmm. I guess he went out shopping with those giftcards and dough he got for his B-Day. Oh well, maybe he'll walk me tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Tommy
Love, Sammy.

Homecoming Cometh

So, it's no secret that I'm not dealing with this new milestone very well. But it's ok. I'm not totally freaking out or anything. Just more reflection and introspection.  I mean, my baby girl isn't a baby anymore.

Here she is modeling the dress and shoes and necklace and new doo from Kenneth's (Nancy treated).

I haven't seen a smile like that from her in a long time. It was definitely enough to let me know things were gonna be OK.



That's all I got. We'll have cake next time we're together. (granted, they might be Little Debbies cakes, but hell, we can put some candles on those sombishes)!


Object Oriented Programming

In programming, there's this thing called Object-Oriented Programming. As I understand it, you have objects (which are actually portions of code) and instead of rewritng the code later on, you just call the object and it runs the code you already programmed.

I think I'm wired that way. Object Oriented. Only the objects I'm oreinted toward are gadgets. Things that I think I need, but that don't really need (only I don't figure that part out until later, even though Nancy has it figured out from the start).

Take the Nokia N800 and the Bluetooth keyboard I got to go with it (you can google it, it's very cool). And I convinced myself that I needed it because it was portable and I could take it on trips and not have to take my laptop.

What a crock.

I've had it for 2 months. All I use it for now is playing Mahjong on the crapper. Crude, I know, but sometimes the truth stinks. And the truth of this is...I took this thing on a trip with me to Rock Camp...and the whole time, I wish I'd had my laptop with me.

I may go on to get one of those mini laptops...but most likely what I'll do is get a new battery and new hard drive for the laptop I have. It'll wind up being cheaper than one of those mini laptops (although those are VERY cool) and WAY cheaper than the Macbook that I want. So when I sell of this N800, that's prolly what I'll wind up getting.

As for using this thing to blog wherever I go? This is the first post I've made with this thing. And I'm sitting at my kitchen table.

Darn useful indeed.


I just spent the last 2 hours dress shopping with my daughter. For?

That's right. She's a freshman this year and decided she wanted to go to homecoming. And, this is really the first "dress dress" we've gotten in a long time. So we were both a little rusty.

Now, Homecoming is this Saturday (Thursday, Friday, Saturday-yep. That's the one).

So, we decided to go with a basic black dress that we'll get more than one night's use out of. And by 'we' I mean Jen, and the two sales girls in the Penny's dress department that helped immensely (one a senior in high school, the other a junior in college-they swarmed in to help, just like that scene in the Ms. Congeniality...you know the one, where the other contestants swoop in to make Sandra Bullock all hot. It was kind of like that. Only there were 2 of them, and this is my daughter, so get your minds right, you pervs). I'd thank them personally but I don't know their names. But they were a big help.

This is the dress we got (it looks WAY cuter than my cell phone's crappy camera allows...ditto with Jen, she's WAY happier about it than she looks here)

S0, after the dress it was off to Hot Topic for 'leggings' (which I correctly assumed to be hose without feet). We also got a pair of cute (dude-there's that word again) heels with a little chain for a strap. I pushed for the hose ('tights') with the feet in them because it would have just looked amiss otherwise. And then after topping it off with a trip to Claire's for a necklace/earring set, it was time to come home.

This dress shopping gig wears me out. It's that mix of pride and 'oh sh-t, my baby girl's growing up.'


Hot Dog

So..you know those people that dress their pets up in Halloween costumes? Yeah, the ones that other people make fun of.

Well, tonight, we have met the enemy...and they are us.

As if the pictures weren't humiliating enough. Video proof of Sammy's owners' silliness.

Yeah. It's OK. I'm not sure I understand what just happened either.


Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

The studio 're-org' is done (see Darrin, you got all worried for nothing). I didn't really move anything around (much). It was more of a straighten things up so that they'd be more usable when I sat down to edit, compose, write, dream...whatever.

The Slashy is by my desk (with the Line6 and the amp) but the rest of the musical gear is across the room in the corner. Lately Jen's been working on aping the keyboard stylings of her favorite Gothoween group, Nox Arcana, so I set the Roland back up for her to play on . Of course after hearing her first piece "Satanic Puppets," I had to insist on the use of the headphones. (That was not her title, but it's what the wife and me call it when we hear it). So that areay looks a little like this.

Some of the books on the top shelf there will probably give way to make room for the four-track. I'm gonna teach Jen to use it so she can start keeping an audio sketchbook (in addition to the hundreds of sketches she already does). And the game plan is to get her a loft and a dresser for her room to help her maximize that space (and I know I'm gonna have to set the computer backup for her with her Wacom tablet...can't suppress that art gene in her...couldn't if I wanted to-and I don't want to).

That's all I got for now. I was just taking a break while some captured files from the conference copied over from one drive to the other. Later.

The Politics of Dancing (around the issue)

So, yesterday I emailed my senator. I sent him my views on the Bailout Bill and asked that he vote against it in its current manifestation.
At first I got the automated reply that they received my email...endeavored to personally answer every email blah blah.
Here was his very personal reply:
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 5:38 PM
Subject: Reply from Senator Sherrod Brown

Dear Mr. S--

Thank you for expressing your concerns with the problems in the financial sector and how we address them.

A lot of Ohioans, including me, are angry at the thought of bailing out people who made a lot of money making bad business decisions that created problems in neighborhoods across Ohio. I agree that we need to avoid rewarding excessive risk taking. These institutions made unwise decisions, and taxpayers should not be expected to simply cover their losses.

On September 20th, Treasury Secretary Paulson sent a proposal to Congress that would have given him almost unfettered authority to spend $700 billion purchasing troubled assets from financial institutions. A few days later, my colleagues on the Banking Committee and I held a hearing at which Secretary Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, and others testified.

They made a strong case for the need to act quickly to prevent further damage to our economy. The turmoil in the credit markets has the potential to do great damage to a lot of innocent bystanders. I am afraid that if we do not act, the economic instability could affect thousands of American jobs and the savings of countless middle class families.

But Secretary Paulson’s proposal was not the right answer. No Secretary should be given a $700 billion blank check. Taxpayers must be given an opportunity to recover their money, and assurances their tax dollars will not fund lavish pay and golden parachutes. We need strong rules to guard against abuse and we need to ensure that Ohio is helped and not just Wall Street. The legislation adopted by the Senate, with my support, makes each of these changes.

This was a difficult vote. But Ohio has already lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs over the past seven years as our unemployment rate has spiked. Retirement and college savings accounts have shriveled. Credit is becoming more expensive for small businesses. We cannot gamble on even greater economic dislocation.

This week’s vote was not the end of our work on this issue. In the months ahead we need to enact tough rules to govern our financial markets to ensure we never find ourselves in this situation again.
Sherrod Brown



And so there you have it. If you can tell which way he was leaning after reading that, then I'll mail you a cookie. Because, I have to be honest, I couldn't. It wasn't until I found out that he voted FOR the bill that I realized what he was saying was "Yes it sucks, but I don't see any other way out of it right now, so I voted for it."  To me, if he had just sent me back that one sentence, I would have been a much happier registered voter.


No Room for Henry

Clearly I came into Henry Rollins much too late in life to have any relevance whatsoever.

I picked up "Do I Come Here Often" at Half Price Books Records and Magazines (or HPB for short) for $2.

Clearly I would have gleaned more enjoyment from the 2 Wendy's Doublestacks I could have spent that money on because by page 30, I was done.

This is what people with money did in 1996 before blogs. They journaled. Then they published their journals in the form of an easy to digest and read on the train and look interesting and semi-hip whilst doing it book.

And I'm reading this thing. This book that was written in 1996 when he was in his 30's and he's whining about shit like he's some 19yr old trust fund baby who wonders why the world isn't the way he thinks it should be.

And I just had to give it a big old "WTF, Mate?" I'm missing something. I think what I'm missing is timeliness. If I had started reading/listening/giving two rips about Rollins back when he was in his prime (like back in high school when Ian was reading/listening/giving two rips about him), he might have had some impact on my life or at least my outlook.

Perhaps I put too much hope and expectation in a 2 dollar tome. I was expecting some words of wisdom from the dude who did vocal duties for part of the life of Black Flag (thanks to Kara P for me even knowing who the violent femmes, dead kennedys, black flag even were let alone having ever heard them). But still...damn. I was looking for some kind of nugget.

Clearly I didn't find it. By page 30 I had given up. Repetitive journal entries about "different-town-same-routine-killed-last-night-tired-today-want-to-be-back-touring-with-the-band" just got old. And I had very nearly lost the script (but hadn't completely abandoned hope by this point)...and that's when he really lost me.

A chapter on how great David Lee Roth is. That pretty much did me in. I'm not going to lie. I've been known to play me a little Van Halen. And in the context of Van Halen, Roth is the consumate showman...but fugg, dude, he was NOT a musical genius (in my humble opinion). He just had charisma out the ass (insert your own sodomy joke here). So, if I was about off the Rollins train by then, that chapter was the bullet on the tracks that send the train careening to sudden "CHiPS"-car-rolling-downhill-and-exploding-for-no-reason (other than to give me another excuse to misuse the mighty hyphen).

So. I'm mostly done reading Rollins now. I'm guessing he probably has a blog or some shite like that out there, so I might give that a gander. But in the Venn Diagram that is my life and Rollins', I don't see too many things intersecting. This is probably a good thing.

And now, the chicken fettucini is done so I must go (note to self, don't listen to a Paul Oakenfold set whilst waiting for the timer to go off...the beeping of the timer blends in surprisingly well).

Bye Bye TZP Projects Blog

At one time I thought it was cool to say that I have 7 different blogs. Now it's just a pain in the sitter.

So, I just hit Delete on the TZP Projects Blog. There's a lot that's going on in my life creatively right now (video stuff outside of the church, video stuff inside the church, music...groovy stuff), but to have a completely separate blog now seems weird.

This blog is still the one I turn to most (and the one most of you read...and by you, I mean the 4 people I know for sure actually read this site)-so it only makes sense to post the current happenings in my life (both personal, employee-ical, projectical, etc) here in one place.

I'm gonna kill the other blogs, too. This is gonna be your one-stop shop for all things Todd, TwistedZen, Side One Track One, all that jazz.

Just thought I should warn you.

Bailout Shmailout

Seriously, enough with the bailout talk already. I'm not a Wall Street Investment Firm....I'm ok on house payments....I'm not a gazillionair....it doesn't matter. I hate to say it, but I'd ALMOST prefer to hear all about the Buckeyes and listen to the anchors debate the merits of a 2 quarterback system during an in-conference game against a team that runs primarily the nickel defense (and I HATE it when the local news stations do that shite).
You know what effect this whole thing has had on me?  I've had no less than 10 emails from vendors (geeks.com, tigerdirect.com, pcdj, digitaljuice.com) all offer me great deals on product as part of some kind of "Bailout" package.
Really? A barebones computer kit for $99 actually has soemthing to do with Wall Street Types making bad on loans they never should have made in the first place? Really? Hmm. Guess I'm not seeing it.
And Cut. Ok. We're clear.That was close. Almost went over our allotted 'bitching about stupid stuff that I normally couldn't care less about' time slot.
Back to the stuff that matters in my life.
I have been on the scarce lately because of the Dream Conference at ICC. I was running video for the whole conference (clips that needed to be assembled for the speakers, directing cameras to the live TV's we had throughout the building). It was last Thursday through Saturday and I'm just now starting to feel back to 'normal'. Only now I've got 2 weeks to go through and edit and assemble the 5 disk DVD set from the conference (in addition to creating new commercials/trailers to promote next year's conference (have to keep that buzz going while people are still talking about it).
It probably should be a full time job by this point (or at the very least by next year's conference). But it's good. I'm in a good place with a good group of people. And the plans that the Pastor has for the direction of the church play strongly into my talents and skills. And as long as I've still got the time to do what needs done there (in my 'free' time) of course, I'll stay with my current day job (they've been good to me for the last 10 years...10 years...holy crap that's a long time!).
But yeah. We had a good debriefing after the conference and all agreed it went well (even my workshop which I felt ill-prepared for, but went VERY well). I'm also excited for some of the other stuff that's happening. We're getting more people involved on the video team...and rather than feel threatened by that, I'm feeling very relieved by it...'you can edit a video as good or better than me? Come on in! Grab some footage and have at it! The more the merrier' There was a time, I admit, when I would have definitely gotten territorial about this, but man...I'm gonna get buried if I can't find good people that have the skills, or at least the desire to help out. Can't do this alone (which was one of the things I talked about in my workshop on Saturday).
Things are good at home. We finally got dug out from all of the debris and branches in our back yard from Windstorm 2008 (thanks to the help of Donovan's landscaping and tree service crew). Getting ready for the fall (definitely my favorite season of the year).
Some minor around the house cleaning (yes, I'm gonna be re-arranging the studio area again, but only to purge things no longer needed/relevant (which means that the CHUD-hole is due to cleaned, too...maybe I'll get around to building those shelves for the vinyl...now that Sour Records is gone, it's a bitch to take them somewhere to get paid less that I feel their worth).
Tommy is coming to the end of his soccer season and has a birthday party this Saturday (even though his birthday is next Saturday).
Jenyfer is doing well in her freshmen year. So far all A's (one B). I'm EXTREMELY proud of how she turned things around. She's really embracing the whole school thing. We're gonna try to get her a loft in the next month or so, free up some room since she's got the smaller of the two rooms (a decision made before she was living with us full-time)...I might lobby for her to have the bigger room in a year or so. We'll see how that goes. I think as the oldest, and as the girl, she should have the bigger room (but we'll see how it shakes out).
Nancy got cast for an opera (not sure when it runs or when rehearsals start, or anything).
And Sammy's as lazy as ever but does a great job holding down the couch and making sure no one can encroach on the foot of our bed.
Life is indeed good.

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