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Bailout Shmailout

Seriously, enough with the bailout talk already. I'm not a Wall Street Investment Firm....I'm ok on house payments....I'm not a doesn't matter. I hate to say it, but I'd ALMOST prefer to hear all about the Buckeyes and listen to the anchors debate the merits of a 2 quarterback system during an in-conference game against a team that runs primarily the nickel defense (and I HATE it when the local news stations do that shite).
You know what effect this whole thing has had on me?  I've had no less than 10 emails from vendors (,, pcdj, all offer me great deals on product as part of some kind of "Bailout" package.
Really? A barebones computer kit for $99 actually has soemthing to do with Wall Street Types making bad on loans they never should have made in the first place? Really? Hmm. Guess I'm not seeing it.
And Cut. Ok. We're clear.That was close. Almost went over our allotted 'bitching about stupid stuff that I normally couldn't care less about' time slot.
Back to the stuff that matters in my life.
I have been on the scarce lately because of the Dream Conference at ICC. I was running video for the whole conference (clips that needed to be assembled for the speakers, directing cameras to the live TV's we had throughout the building). It was last Thursday through Saturday and I'm just now starting to feel back to 'normal'. Only now I've got 2 weeks to go through and edit and assemble the 5 disk DVD set from the conference (in addition to creating new commercials/trailers to promote next year's conference (have to keep that buzz going while people are still talking about it).
It probably should be a full time job by this point (or at the very least by next year's conference). But it's good. I'm in a good place with a good group of people. And the plans that the Pastor has for the direction of the church play strongly into my talents and skills. And as long as I've still got the time to do what needs done there (in my 'free' time) of course, I'll stay with my current day job (they've been good to me for the last 10 years...10 years...holy crap that's a long time!).
But yeah. We had a good debriefing after the conference and all agreed it went well (even my workshop which I felt ill-prepared for, but went VERY well). I'm also excited for some of the other stuff that's happening. We're getting more people involved on the video team...and rather than feel threatened by that, I'm feeling very relieved by it...'you can edit a video as good or better than me? Come on in! Grab some footage and have at it! The more the merrier' There was a time, I admit, when I would have definitely gotten territorial about this, but man...I'm gonna get buried if I can't find good people that have the skills, or at least the desire to help out. Can't do this alone (which was one of the things I talked about in my workshop on Saturday).
Things are good at home. We finally got dug out from all of the debris and branches in our back yard from Windstorm 2008 (thanks to the help of Donovan's landscaping and tree service crew). Getting ready for the fall (definitely my favorite season of the year).
Some minor around the house cleaning (yes, I'm gonna be re-arranging the studio area again, but only to purge things no longer needed/relevant (which means that the CHUD-hole is due to cleaned, too...maybe I'll get around to building those shelves for the that Sour Records is gone, it's a bitch to take them somewhere to get paid less that I feel their worth).
Tommy is coming to the end of his soccer season and has a birthday party this Saturday (even though his birthday is next Saturday).
Jenyfer is doing well in her freshmen year. So far all A's (one B). I'm EXTREMELY proud of how she turned things around. She's really embracing the whole school thing. We're gonna try to get her a loft in the next month or so, free up some room since she's got the smaller of the two rooms (a decision made before she was living with us full-time)...I might lobby for her to have the bigger room in a year or so. We'll see how that goes. I think as the oldest, and as the girl, she should have the bigger room (but we'll see how it shakes out).
Nancy got cast for an opera (not sure when it runs or when rehearsals start, or anything).
And Sammy's as lazy as ever but does a great job holding down the couch and making sure no one can encroach on the foot of our bed.
Life is indeed good.


Darrin said…
1) I don't even attempt to understand the whole bailout thing. All I know, is that all the yay-hoos in the Senate and House and the big dork on high that all supposedly represent us thing that bailing out these f'ers is worth it. And maybe it is. I don't claim to understand economics on anything that has a magnitude of 1000s of millions.

2) Glad to hear the conference and the video stuff is moving right along.

3) Oh dear... the studio is changing again. ;-)

4) Happy B-day Tommy!

5) WTG Jen!

6) Congrats Nancy!

7) Chill out home dog Sammy!

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