Bye Bye TZP Projects Blog

At one time I thought it was cool to say that I have 7 different blogs. Now it's just a pain in the sitter.

So, I just hit Delete on the TZP Projects Blog. There's a lot that's going on in my life creatively right now (video stuff outside of the church, video stuff inside the church, music...groovy stuff), but to have a completely separate blog now seems weird.

This blog is still the one I turn to most (and the one most of you read...and by you, I mean the 4 people I know for sure actually read this site)-so it only makes sense to post the current happenings in my life (both personal, employee-ical, projectical, etc) here in one place.

I'm gonna kill the other blogs, too. This is gonna be your one-stop shop for all things Todd, TwistedZen, Side One Track One, all that jazz.

Just thought I should warn you.

1 comment:

Darrin said...

Sad to see you go TZP blog, SOTO, eye of the bee-holder. Wait a minute, what's that LJ blog still doing there. ;-)

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