Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

The studio 're-org' is done (see Darrin, you got all worried for nothing). I didn't really move anything around (much). It was more of a straighten things up so that they'd be more usable when I sat down to edit, compose, write, dream...whatever.

The Slashy is by my desk (with the Line6 and the amp) but the rest of the musical gear is across the room in the corner. Lately Jen's been working on aping the keyboard stylings of her favorite Gothoween group, Nox Arcana, so I set the Roland back up for her to play on . Of course after hearing her first piece "Satanic Puppets," I had to insist on the use of the headphones. (That was not her title, but it's what the wife and me call it when we hear it). So that areay looks a little like this.

Some of the books on the top shelf there will probably give way to make room for the four-track. I'm gonna teach Jen to use it so she can start keeping an audio sketchbook (in addition to the hundreds of sketches she already does). And the game plan is to get her a loft and a dresser for her room to help her maximize that space (and I know I'm gonna have to set the computer backup for her with her Wacom tablet...can't suppress that art gene in her...couldn't if I wanted to-and I don't want to).

That's all I got for now. I was just taking a break while some captured files from the conference copied over from one drive to the other. Later.


Darrin said...

Studio looks good. The revamp was a success. Yay!

Todd S. said...

Yup. Although now that I think about it, you haven't been over since the new TV and the re-arranging of the downstairs (and kitchen, and upstairs) so it probably does look all different to you (and not the 'minor tidying up' that it was in my mind) :-)

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