Object Oriented Programming

In programming, there's this thing called Object-Oriented Programming. As I understand it, you have objects (which are actually portions of code) and instead of rewritng the code later on, you just call the object and it runs the code you already programmed.

I think I'm wired that way. Object Oriented. Only the objects I'm oreinted toward are gadgets. Things that I think I need, but that don't really need (only I don't figure that part out until later, even though Nancy has it figured out from the start).

Take the Nokia N800 and the Bluetooth keyboard I got to go with it (you can google it, it's very cool). And I convinced myself that I needed it because it was portable and I could take it on trips and not have to take my laptop.

What a crock.

I've had it for 2 months. All I use it for now is playing Mahjong on the crapper. Crude, I know, but sometimes the truth stinks. And the truth of this is...I took this thing on a trip with me to Rock Camp...and the whole time, I wish I'd had my laptop with me.

I may go on to get one of those mini laptops...but most likely what I'll do is get a new battery and new hard drive for the laptop I have. It'll wind up being cheaper than one of those mini laptops (although those are VERY cool) and WAY cheaper than the Macbook that I want. So when I sell of this N800, that's prolly what I'll wind up getting.

As for using this thing to blog wherever I go? This is the first post I've made with this thing. And I'm sitting at my kitchen table.

Darn useful indeed.

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