I just spent the last 2 hours dress shopping with my daughter. For?

That's right. She's a freshman this year and decided she wanted to go to homecoming. And, this is really the first "dress dress" we've gotten in a long time. So we were both a little rusty.

Now, Homecoming is this Saturday (Thursday, Friday, Saturday-yep. That's the one).

So, we decided to go with a basic black dress that we'll get more than one night's use out of. And by 'we' I mean Jen, and the two sales girls in the Penny's dress department that helped immensely (one a senior in high school, the other a junior in college-they swarmed in to help, just like that scene in the Ms. Congeniality...you know the one, where the other contestants swoop in to make Sandra Bullock all hot. It was kind of like that. Only there were 2 of them, and this is my daughter, so get your minds right, you pervs). I'd thank them personally but I don't know their names. But they were a big help.

This is the dress we got (it looks WAY cuter than my cell phone's crappy camera allows...ditto with Jen, she's WAY happier about it than she looks here)

S0, after the dress it was off to Hot Topic for 'leggings' (which I correctly assumed to be hose without feet). We also got a pair of cute (dude-there's that word again) heels with a little chain for a strap. I pushed for the hose ('tights') with the feet in them because it would have just looked amiss otherwise. And then after topping it off with a trip to Claire's for a necklace/earring set, it was time to come home.

This dress shopping gig wears me out. It's that mix of pride and 'oh sh-t, my baby girl's growing up.'


Darrin said...

dude. make sure you take down some detailed notes for me while the experience is fresh in your head. i'm gonna need them in, like, 13 or so years. thnx.

jen, have fun at homecoming!!! :)

Todd S. said...

LOL. Yeah. Seriously. I'll hook you up.

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