You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

So, the haps this weekend. It was a crazy weekend and I still only got about 1/3rd of the stuff on my list done this weekend.

The plan Friday was supposed to be to head over to Duane and Maria's for their Halloween get together and then head over to Jeni Levi's place in Powell for the Class of 90 18yr. Reunion (don't ask...it has something to do with Facebook, though).

So, sounds solid. Except for one thing. I had an IMG (International Media Group, a company that I'm part of with 4 other people that does media production of all kinds) meeting on Saturday and I needed to get a test burn DVD done for the media so we could decide if we were going to take on a particular DVD project or not. Basically I wound up working on that until about 11 or so on Friday night (thereby missing both parties).

And it was OK. By the time Friday evening rolled around, I really wasn't up for partying anyway, so I was glad I had something to work on. And from the looks of things, fun was had by those that did attend the parties, so that was cool.

Saturday wasn't really that exciting. Nothing really going on except for the IMG meeting. I hit that about 2 PM. It was only supposed to go until 6 (because, afterall we had to rush home to watch the Buckeyes blow it). But a few of us wound up staying until about 7:30 working on a couple of ideas for projects that we're going to be working.

Basically this is going to be a long-term deal. This might eventually become my full time job (and I say might in the event that anyone from my current place of employment reads this. It's cool. It's at least a couple years away from being a full time gig). It just means that I'm gonna have to bust hump for a while (45 hours at my current job....easily 20-30 hours a week working on IMG projects). It's gonna wind up being worth it (someone please remind me of that when I'm forgetting that 6 months from now).

Today was church and then home to catch some NFL. Jen came home from her mom's and we went over to Lenscrafter to pickup my clip-on sunglasses ($65 for special order clip-ons was better than $225 for Rx sunglasses). We also hit Hot Topic so Jen could check out the clearance rack.

I saw (but didn't purchase) this. And I had to laugh. Because I know 4 drummers. Only one of whom I've known to get (nearly) naked behind the kit. So, Kristen, you can pick this up at Hot Topic.

I also got (and am currently rocking) this:

No. Your eyes do not deceive you. That IS a turntable. And it IS spinning (although you can't really tell that from the pic, can you?).

So, that's about where we are this weekend.

How's things with you?

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Kim said...

How funny...I was blasting "Workin' Day and Night" while I was cleaning today.

That shizz holds up.

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