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Big Steaming Piles of Poo

This has been quite an interesting weekend. I don't remember much about Friday night. I think there was a trip to Bob Evans for dinner. Some minor shopping but beyond that not much going on. Other than the CAHRAZY pink trees at Marc's (I might post a picture later).

Saturday the snow came. And no, it wasn't a blizzard (but you wouldn't have known by the way people were driving around on the freeway).

Nancy was under the weather, so our plans for holiday shopping while the kids were with their other parents got tabled. We did need groceries, though. So Nancy made the list, I grabbed the list, my keys, and the last shred of my will to live and ventured out in to the idiocy that is ohio traffic during a snowfall.

It was my plan to head over to MicroCenter first (for the goodies) and then to Aldi (for the groceries).

Which leads me to the first of the big steaming piles. I went to MicroCenter to use the 'holiday check' that CrapitalOne had sent me (basically a way to spend a chunk of 'credit' at a greatly reduced rate). I had planned on getting a netbook (basically I had wanted to reduce the footprint of the notebook I've been carrying around to all these meetings I'm finding myself in these days (both at work and at church)-then Nancy would get my current notebook (since she's been doing more work from home with the Sharepoint stuff)). It was a great plan. I had everything in the cart and after some minor piles of steaming poo at the checkout, the big one dropped. The check clearinghouse that MicroCenter uses decided that the CrapitalOne check was 'not part of their normal check profile' so they declined it. So I left everything on the counter and walked out of the store. That, coupled with the CAHRAP customer service I'd gotten during the trip have pretty much ensured that I'll be doing my microCenter shopping online.

The second pile of poo was the traffic. Look. I know it's slippery (sort of), but it's NOT a blizzard. These are snow FLURRIES. People were causing more danger to themselves and others by being overly cautious. But, whatever.

Saturday night was uneventful. I had a MONSTER bologna sandwich so that was good.

This morning was interesting at church. It was interesting because I was thrown in to running sound for the second service until the backup sound person showed up (which had some inherent challenges). And then because we were short of camera people, I wound up running a camera (it's VERY hard to have a director/producer/edtior behind a camera taking direction from another director :-)

The best part was the message was about Jesus washing the disciples' feet and explaining that the way to greatness was to serve. It was like I was getting my own tailor made, real-life example of the message coming to life.

I love it when the Lord decides to hit me right between the eyes with the message :-)

So, I can't really call that a steaming pile of poo (I'm pretty sure that's not biblically sound).

But then I read Darrin's BRILLIANT POST about Axl's release of Crapnese Democrapcy. Go read it now. The album is a big steaming pile of poo (Darrin's post, however, is not).

And that's about all I got. I don't really know where to go with this post now, I'm a little flushed.



Darrin said…
yo... where's dem pics of dem pink treez, yo!??!?!?

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