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Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?

A little background to this note. I'm somewhat of a gadget whore. If it's shiny and new, there's a chance that I want it (or wanted it for a brief moment). I want (or think I want) an iPod Touch. There's no logical reason for this. I have a 16GB MP3 player currently, an 8GB Sansa View that I've upgraded to 16GB ( And I have a touch-screen wi-fi device-an N800 (,n800) that I rarely use. So there's no LOGICAL reason for wanting an iPod Touch (especially given the fact that I used to have a 40GB iPod, then sold that, then got a 1GB Shuffle, sold that, then traded for a 1GB Nano and gave that to my wife...not to mention I have nearly 200GB of MP3 files spread across 3 computers).

All of that leads to this.

I woke up this morning about 5AM from my NyQuil induced slumber and had a thought. This thought was a carry-over from a dream I'd been having. In the dream I was being shown what would happen if someone DIDN'T accept a gift from God. In the dream the gift was a Sports Car. And the question in the dream and the question as I woke up with was 'Does God want me to drive a sports car?' And this led to the title of this post which is from a song by satirical genius Ray Stevens.

But really. Does God want me to drive a sports car? I am in no way anywhere near in the position of owning,renting, or even standing next to a sports car, so this is more of a thought exercise than anything else.

But what happens if we say 'No' to the blessings that God wants to bestow on us because we are worried about what other people might think about US? I mean, if I was driving a brand new flashy sports car in this time of recession and want, what would people think? There was a time when they would think 'Wow...look at the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon him! I want that kind of Godly relationship!' I venture to say that would not be the thought. I'm guessing the words 'frivolous,' 'wasteful,' 'foolish,' would come up in the conversation.

And I would be ashamed. Ashamed that the Lord had blessed me. Ashamed by what people thought of me. What I SHOULD be doing is using it as an opportunity to give the Glory to God...but would I? I don't know.

Actually, I do know the answer to that question. I came in to a situation very similar to this when I won the grand prize in the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Sweepstakes. The Prize was a $1000 Epiphone Les Paul Slash Signature Edition Guitar, a $500 gift card to Guitar Center and a 5-day all expenses paid trip on tour for 4 stops with the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. There was one prize winner-nationwide...and it was me. And it was AMAZING. God took this dream I had as a little kid of being a rock star and made it come true, thirty years later. If only for a week (Which, trust me, was MORE than enough time). And that was a BLESSING. But what did I do with that gift once I was done basking in the moment? In my blogs I bitched about how sick I was before the trip...I bitched about the administrative stuff that got in the way. I bitched about the mundane stuff on the trip. I bitched about the taxes I'm going to have to pay on the winnings. I basically said 'I almost wish I'd never won the thing in the first place.' How's that for gratitude. If I had given my children a gift as awesome as that and they spit it back on my like I practically did, I'd be heartbroken as a father.

I ignored the gift.

I limited God's gift to me. I put a box around God's love...saying 'I think this is a blessing, but it's not THAT great of a blessing because look at all this bad stuff that happened along with it.'

I wonder how many times we do that. We try to diminish a gift that the Lord is giving us because WE think we know what's best for our lives right now? When we do that, rather, when I did that, it showed that I distrusted what God had planned for me. And it showed an unwillingness to let God be the Lord over ALL of my life.

How do I know this contest prize was a blessing? Simple. When I tell people about it, I can see the way their eyes light up... and the 'WOW-That is SO Cool!!' sentiments that I hear echoed tell me that it's something that I'm supposed to use to show people that yes...good things CAN happen in the middle of a recession and CAN have a dream come true. THAT'S how I know it was a blessing. And now that I've accepted that-I focus on the good parts of the trip and the story and the experience.

I think the whole dream (and the fact that I remember it clearly when I woke up) and tying it to the RRFC Contest are a reminder to me to let God handle the good stuff in my life too. Not just turning to the Lord when things go sour, but giving him Praise and Glory for each day I wake up and each evening before I go to bed, thanking Him for another day on His glorious planet.

So...does God want me to drive a sports car? Not sure. Maybe. Eventually. I think for now, He wants me to know that He's vested in my life and that the sooner I turn things over to his power and glory, the sooner I'll be able to enjoy the heavenly blessings on earth. There isn't just an eternal reward waiting for us....God wants to use us to show the lost that ALL of us are His children.

It was a sobering eye-opener.



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