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The Myth of Helplessness

(before I begin, let me say that I am by no means saying I have all of the answers, these are just some insights that have hit me lately).

I was talking to an old friend the other day about a situation they are in. It's marital in natural (and I'll leave it at that). But as I was talking to them, they said something that struck me right smack between the eyes. In essence they said they knew (whatever-whatever) was wrong, but they were powerless to change it.

I have heard it said that the Devil's greatest victory was convincing Man that he didn't exist. But I think that's incorrect. That's a strong victory, to be sure. But I think that an even greater victory is convincing Man that they are helpless in their circumstances.

And friends, that's bullshit.

We all have dual citizenship. We are beings of Heaven and of Earth. Of Spirit and of flesh. God breathed in to the dirt and created Man, IN HIS IMAGE. So...let me just break this down (because it's only taken…

Crapumentary Trailer

You may recall me posting about un-shelving the "Crapumentary" film project. Well last night I finished capturing all of the footage from the shoot. It's probably topping in at about 15hrs of footage. That should give me a good 60-90min movie if I cut it right.

Darrin and I have kicked around some ideas for it...the main one being a 'fly on the wall' view with me 'going back' via the wonders of chroma-key (green screen) and playing around as Darrin records.

There's some good footage of just the room, too. And since the camera stays stationary, I could use it to make different layers, so I think I can do some cool isht with it.

I'm just really excited to be working on it. The thing has been shelved for 4 years...Darrin thought the tapes were lost (little did he know that I kept the original VHS tapes AND the cassettes he recorded the 2nd Audio on right next to my vid PC since the day we shot it :-)

Another cool thing about this project is the fact that…

Moony Moon

Some pix of the moon from the other night.

(if you save them as desktop background and choose 'center' they look pretty tasty)

Aural Fixation

Been a while since I've laid anything new down as my nom de plum 'Aural Fixation.' That's my 'cut and paste-techno-dancey-electronica' smack. Which, most of the 4 of you reading this already know :-).

Anywhoo....capturing the footage of Darrin going through his creative process for the Crapumentary has stirred that bug in me. So, I threw down a new track last night after a tasty dinner of Spaghetti and Tater Tots (yum).

Here for your exposure is "IMBack" (either "I'm Back" or "Instant Message Back"...see...adjustable for a brave new world).


"IMBack" by Aural Fixation

Crapumentary-Four Years Later

In February of 2005, my main man Darrin was way into the AAD (Album A Day) scene. The concept (at an ultra high level) is that any art and creation is good even if it's bad and that by forcing certain aspects (such as time of creation) the artist will produce more (eventually getting to the good stuff at some point). Such is my take on it. So, the rule is basically this-you must complete an album from concept to final product in 24 hours. There's fine points about length of the whole thing and # of tracks etc., etc, but you get the gist.

So, right. Rewind. February 2005. I have the Bright idea of doing the video version of the CrapArt project (which I aptly and quite unoriginally titled 'Crapumentary'). So I asked Darrin to let me set up a camera and have it roll while he did his creation....sort of a 'observation of an artist in the wild' kind of thing. I had a 'Hot Wheels' camera (that I ganked from Tommy). And I had 24 hours worth of tape. We were se…