Crapumentary Trailer

You may recall me posting about un-shelving the "Crapumentary" film project. Well last night I finished capturing all of the footage from the shoot. It's probably topping in at about 15hrs of footage. That should give me a good 60-90min movie if I cut it right.

Darrin and I have kicked around some ideas for it...the main one being a 'fly on the wall' view with me 'going back' via the wonders of chroma-key (green screen) and playing around as Darrin records.

There's some good footage of just the room, too. And since the camera stays stationary, I could use it to make different layers, so I think I can do some cool isht with it.

I'm just really excited to be working on it. The thing has been shelved for 4 years...Darrin thought the tapes were lost (little did he know that I kept the original VHS tapes AND the cassettes he recorded the 2nd Audio on right next to my vid PC since the day we shot it :-)

Another cool thing about this project is the fact that I cut probably my first 'real' trailer. I'm almost as excited about that as the whole movie.

Here it is. Enjoy. And look for Crapumentary some time in May.


Ian Stewart said...

looks great!
good job, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd S. said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to avoid the typical Hollywood trap of making the trailer look cooler than the actual flick :-)

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. Know where I can get a pre-release bootleg of the completed work? :)

Todd S. said...

Yeah. As soon as there IS a completed work, I'll let ya know!!

Darrin said...

The more I watch the trailer... the more curious I become as to what all went down on that day. Lord knows, I have no recollection of it... other than 3 distinct moments:
1) Getting torqued off at the cord to the headphones for getting in my way
2) Walking into the other room to see that the video had gone from color to black and white (though I don't remember actually commenting on it)
3) Finishing up the mastering, walking out of the 'office' and saying hi to Stinky the cat. And he saying hi right back.

Other than that, I don't really have any recollection of it...

... 'cause my head is like a sieve!*

*bonus points for knowing where this comes from. :)

Todd S. said...

LOL. I have been watching and re-watching the trailer. It's just fun for me to watch. It's like...'damn, this looks like an actual MOVIE'

You had some good moments during the day.

And you talked to the cat a couple of times, even explaining to the viewers at home if you took a step in one direction the cat would leave.

Do you recall the 'interview' at all? (I'm thinking we should do a '4 years later' interview, too. And then we could watch it like MST3K :-)

*earache, my eye...cheech and chong (I think I have it on vinyl)

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