Point, Shoot, Sh*t

So. I'm spoiled. I see that now.

Westerville Fireworks were 2 weekends ago. Normally on the 4th, it goes like this…1)Neighborhood Cookout, 2)Fireworks.

Only this year, someone got the bright idea to also have a garage sale (yes, that was me).

On the bright side, we made some decent scratch, I got rid of most of my albums, and made enough to get the Slingshot. Which, as camera bags go, is probably my favorite. It’s possible it may surpass the Nova 5 AW I got a few years back (although I suspect that if this photo thing starts to get TOO serious, this bag may again assert it’s number one spot—esp. if I start getting multiple lenses and/or multiple flash units. But we’re probably a couple years away from that).

So, I’m spoiled, not because I have the Nikon D50…nope. I’m spoiled because I didn’t have it for 2 years. And for those 2 yeas I shot with the Fuji Finepix S700. I loved that camera. I could get it to do just about everything I wanted it to do. Except look like a real photo. There was something that was always ‘flat’ about it. And the response was always a split second behind on the shots (very noticeable during soccer season). Then, as fate (and/or luck) would have it, Jerry K. at work heard my lament and history was made :-) when I was able to get the D50 from him.

So, here’s how I was spoiled. With the Fuji (and basically ANY point and shoot). All I really had to worry about was composition. Did the shot LOOK good. And if it did, I snapped it. Checked the LCD to see if there were any glaring errors and went on with it.

Things like aperture, F-stop, shutter speeds, metering, depth of field were non-issues because all I did most of the time was pick a ‘mode’ (night, portrait, fireworks) and the camera did the thinking about all that other stuff behind the scenes. And that was fine by me.

The D50 is seen as an entry-level DSLR camera (and that’s fine by me, since I still consider myself an entry level photographer), but it’s still leaps and bounds beyond the point and shoots that I have to think of things now like, what’s my lighting going to be like…how close am I going to be…do I need a tri-pod.

The funny thing is…I love that isht! It actually makes the shoot that much more interesting to me. It WAS a bit frustrating to not get the fireworks shots I had envisioned in my head (that just means I need more practice before next year….a box of sparklers should do it).

So that’s my lover’s lament on the camera. If you made it this far, you must be really bored (either before you started, or you are now).

In other Skaggage News, the garage sale on the 4th of July weekend was a hit. We made enough for Nancy to get some new running shoes…for me to get a new camera bag AND pay off most of the camera. On top of that there was some extra scratch leftover for Wendy’s and Skyline. All in all, a worthwhile endeavor.

AND…the biggest news of the garage sale? The albums are gone. Well, most of them. The 150 or so that I had pulled aside when we first put the batch into storage is still on the shelves. The remaining 1000 or so are gone. I sold about 230 during the 2 days (people were lining up when we opened on Friday-JUST for rekkids')…and then one of the guys on Saturday asked me what I’d sell the rest of the collection for. I said $400 (this was about 50 cents per). He emailed me Saturday night and offered 30 cents per.  I thought about it…did a quick calculation and told him to come up on Sunday and grab his newly acquired record collection.

So, I guess I’m not getting a table at the record show in August. And that’s cool. Still planning on going with Ian and Darrin…and hitting Gyro-Town or whatever the heck that place was, afterwards  (so, put it on your calendars, guys!).

Since the Fourth, other fun and frivolity has also ensued. There are photos up on the blog (Todd’s Foto Blog). Detailed descriptions of said frivolity may or may not follow on these pages. We’ll see :-)

Until then (or not), Peace out.



Darrin said...

Glad you like your new camera. Been watching your photos and I think they're looking good. BTW, I'm currently using one of the firework pics for my desktop bg.

Still trying to pack up the house over my my neck of the woods. I packed up all the albums on Sunday. After filling 7 UHaul 'Small' boxes, I looked at them all and said 'why do I still have these'. And I'm still not sure. I don't really get a chance to listen to them. Even funnier is the fact that this is probably half of what I used to have.

As for the record show, I'm there, yo. If I got a table, it'd be just for me since you sold all of yours (wisely enough) and Ian's just now getting back into vynil and prolly doesn't have too much. I doubt it would be worth paying $40 only to sell maybe $100 worth of albums. Or maybe it would be. I dunno.

Todd S. said...

Cool...thanks!! And you're welcome to the pic :-).

If you got a table, I'd still hang out w/ya. I don't know that I have anything to sell (might still weed through the remaining 100-200 albums). But I'm definitely down!

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