Work Time/Play Time

You may recall back here that I had a little epiphany about why it was probably a good idea to remove customers from my Facebook Page. I'm coming to a very similar conclusion about co-workers, actually.

This one isn't easy from the simple fact that I'm good friends with some people here. So-why go this route?

It just seems like the right thing to do right now. There are some things I'm working on in my life-some dreams that I feel the Lord is going to release through me and out in to the world (don't worry-this isn't going to turn in to a sermon). It's no secret that I love to write, that I love to make films, and that I love to make photographs. Someday I hope to be making a living doing a combination of any or all of these things. But with the economy what it is, I'm not quite there yet.

I use my Facebook page to spout off...to pontificate...to call people a jackass if they deserve it (or I think they deserve)...and I think many people use it for a very similar purpose. Problem is...there may be times when I want to do all of those things and it might be related to a day I've had at work. Now I'm not stupid enough to do something or say something that would put my job in jeopardy-at least not from my point of view.

But point of view is the problem, isn't it?

I can't control where you're coming from when you read my page. And I'm not really wanting to have to censor what I say because I think it might be taken the wrong way or because something might filter to people its not supposed to filter to.

This could very well just be paranoia, and I recognize that. My true friends are probably going to recognize where I'm coming from, and the rest pretty much just is what it is.

And that's really all I've got on that....and don't worry...when I get to the point where my dreams are being fully realized... you may be getting that 'friend request' again :-) (and if we truly are friends, you know what's going on in my life without silly Facebook status updates, anyway, don't ya?)

Thanks for being patient with me.


Not Worth It

I had a huge rant forming in my head about what an ass Kanye was on the MTV VMA’s, but that really just raises more questions than it answers. And he’s going to get enough press out of it without my piss of a blog.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.


Hanging on a wing and a prayer



I saw something pretty amazing yesterday. A woman, secured only by a belt around her waist was on the top wing of a bi-plane.

And I thought to myself ‘boy…you really kinda have to trust the person you’re working with to do THAT kind of job.’

My job in tech-support is not quite like that. I don’t have to trust my co-workers with my life. If one of us makes a mistake, then we figure it out-give the customer the right bit of information, apologize for the screw up and go along our merry way.

I’m guessing ‘Amanda’ on the wings of her hubby’s plane would not appreciate any kind of mistake humming along at 60+ MPH.

Where am I going with this? Not sure. But before I get too far into it, shouts out to I- and D-. Congrats you guys on both of your recent moves. Hopefully you’re past most of the stress involved with moving and in to the new ‘how do I fit here and make this place my own’ phase. Looking forward to checking out the new digs.

Back to the unknown journey.

I feel like I’m in flux right now. Things are…well…they are what they are (let’s just put it that way) at work. I’ve been trying to put the current situation in perspective given the 11 years that I’ve worked there, and I have to admit I’m a bit baffled. I have to think that the economy has a lot to do with it.

Rather than dwell too much on that, I’ve been focusing my energies on the things that are brining me joy (namely working on the movie, shooting photos (and REALLY getting in to that), building up the team at ICC in the Video Ministry, and trying to be the best hubby and father I can be—given that laundry list, it’s easy to not worry about how things are going at work, which is a good thing).

I really don’t have much more than that right now, I guess.

Other than to say-sorry I haven’t written more. But I’m hummin’ along and doing fine. Hope you are all doing the same.




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