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So, I stumbled across some anti-piracy videos from the early 90's thanks to a blog on the Videomaker site. Now it's pretty funny and cheezy (and there's even a follow up here that was presumably made in this decade).

I'm not gonna lie...I've hit the newsgroups like a pimply kid on prom night. And I've gotten my share of ill-gotten booty. But yesterday it kind of hit me (and maybe it's the fact that I'm wanting to be a better example for my kids who are keenly aware of that stuff now...or maybe it's the fact that RoadRunner doesn't have newsgroups anymore)--I'm getting pretty bored with the whole 'I can get any software, movie, mp3, DVD, blah blah' thing.

I realize that there is the massive potential for hypocrisy out the arse with this. I mean, afterall, I have thousands of MP3s...some going all the way back to the Audio Galaxy and original Napster days (before file sharing was illegal-ha!), but going through the list stacked up in Media Monkey I started thinking to myself...'I never listen to this. the only reason I have this is because I didn't pay for it'...and that's getting to be a pretty weak-sauce argument these days.

A couple of years back, I took the plunge and purchased a legit, licensed copy of Sony Vegas 8 Pro. I've used Vegas for 10 years now, but this is the first time I'd paid for it. I looked at it this way, I'm putting videos together for my church-something seems a bit wrong doing that on illegal software.

I know all the arguments-"If I like the album, I'll buy it"...."I go see the artists in concert, that's where they make their money anyway"..."Cool Whip tastes better than Hellman's"....and the fact of the matter is...if they served me a warrant, there's not a lawyer alive that could get me off.

But I'm really not even worried about THAT. I don't file share. I don't torrent. And now I don't even download. So, I'm not really on anyone's radar. What I've been thinking of lately is...what kind of example am I setting? We make the kids buy all their music through iTunes. To be legal.

Meh. This is a really weird post to write...but I've seriously been thinking of deleting all the shit that's on my drive and starting over with only legit stuff starting back with the OS and working my way up from there. I've already started the process on the Netbook. I have Ubuntu loaded and fully functioning now and it's damn near ready for me to forget about XP on that thing altogether (I'd forgotten how much more efficient with resources Ubuntu was).

It would free up a hell of a lot of space on my drives (about 300GB if you factor in MP3's, software, videos)...and it would free up a lot of bookshelf space for the shite I've already burned off to disk.

Maybe I'm going soft. Or maybe I just feel like I want to brush off anything that might hold me back in whatever way from reaching my dreams. It would look really really phenomenally bad for a filmmaker or photographer or partner in an ad agency to be cranking out legit work on stolen goods.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna go all Jimminy Cricket on anyone. I don't care what you do or don't do. I'm just thinking that I need to clean some isht up in my own life and that's as good a place to start as any.

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