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For My Birthday, I Maked You a Song

I'm still not sure I would call the cutting and pasting stylings of what I do in Acid writing a song. Technically all the bits are there and I'm just assembling them in to something bigger than the sum of the parts. But semantics aside, I dusted off the old sample files and made a little birthday ditty I call Thirty-Eight. Enjoy. It goes best with yellow cake and chocolate icing (but I leave it up to you to choose your food accompaniment).
It's been over a month since I've updated this blog (much like the last post, I'm guessing). And it's not like there's not a lot going on. It's just that when I actually have a few minutes to chill, I don't really feel like updating ye olde blogge. So I usually throw about 20 games of Bejeweled down the suck-hole and call it a night.
I don't really want to delve too much in to work right about now because well, I'm at work and it's just not something I want to spend anymore time thinking about at this point than I really have to. That was one of the main reasons I took my customers and co-workers off my Facebook page....just needed some time that is MY time where I can just not think about anything that's going on here. And in the grand scheme of the world, things are fine. I'm employed, and it's a decent job. And it mostly pays the bills and there's generally enough left over each month for a pizza. And the benefits are on par with many places. So....there's really not much to bitch about. I'm sure the low morale and other assorted bull-isht would manifest itself anywhere I worked. Signs O the Times, I suppose.
In other news, I've been doing more with the photography (yeah, I know, that blog is in serious need of an update, too-perhaps this weekend). I'm also doing more with the ad agency. I don't want to put too much about that on blast just yet (see above paragraph). We're probably a whiles away from it being any kind of full time gig-so I'd rather not lose the job I have. 2010 is going to be a nutty year at church, too. And by nutty, I mean nutty-busy. The video ministry is going to be getting a ton of work and things we need to work on (now we just need to get more volunteers to help with all of it :-)
For some reason, the creative/witty juices that I normally draw on for these posts are a bit lacking today. Maybe its just my body's way of getting ready for the inevitable food coma it's going to be in tomorrow afternoon. Maybe it's just because I haven't written anything longer than the average facebook status update for over a month. Or maybe it's just a combination of all of those things coupled with feeling like the 6 people out there have other things they'd rather read :-)
Whatever the reason, I think I'm gonna go ahead and close this post out now instead of dragging the proverbial dead camel.
I'll update some more tonight, methinks.
Peace out


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