Well, after a 9 1/2 work day (minus the hour for lunch which consisted of sitting for 43 minutes at the license bureau to get new tags), I'm home.

It's very tempting to say that I'm getting in to a rut. But the problem with that is, if I say it, I'll start to believe it. And if I start to believe it, I'll start to live it. And if I start to live it...ladies and gentlemen, I'm forked. As in put a fork in me, I'm done.

Ruts suck. Been in a few in my short 38 years on this earth.

But I'm not in a rut. I'm multi-tasking. I'm working on cleaning up (read: Speeding up) a friend of a friend's laptop (ironically it's the same model that I'm trying to trade my Netbook for, but the dude on Craigslist keeps harping about 'partial trade' bzzzzt. pass), I'm also copying files from a jump drive over to ye olde Sansa View which Jen is using temporarily since her 2nd of 2 Sansas died the other day and it's still 26 days until Christmas. And I may be a strict father at times, I'm not cruel enough to deprive her of a portable listening device.

So that's happening as well...oh, and I'm updating this blog. AND a few Facebook statuses. And thanks to a connection from college, I may in the near future be doing a blog piece on what it's like to go from XP to Ubuntu to Windows 7 on a Netbook (and if it's truly the bees knees as they say, I'll probably just hang on to the netbook (although I might have mentioned either here or on FB that the small screen is starting to annoy me just a tad..but until I come up with $400 for a new notebook, I'll live with it. Especially since if I DO come up with that scratch, there's a strong chance it's going toward camera gear. Go figure.

Crap. where was I?

Oh yes, Multitasking.

I don't do it very well. I'm not gonna lie. I'm much better off when I zero in on a specific task and see it through to its natural conclusion. People make a big deal about being able to multi-task, but I'm of the opinion that true multi-TASKING is impossible. Oh..sure...it may be possible to be physically working on one task but you can very rarely devote your full attention to multiple tasks. I hate to break it to you, but very few computers multi-task either. They are multi-threaded. One program starts....takes a thread and runs with it. Another program starts...takes another thread...both independent of each other, but dependent on the system as a whole.

Where was I? Oh. You don't know. See I was over chatting with my college connection. Turns out I can't get a pro-bono edition of Windows7, but it's all good. I am not completely overrun with curiosity about it yet. I'm in a holding pattern right now with my gear. I need what I have to continue working until MOTIV8 Design really takes off and I can get an iMac to do my editing on (or a Mac Pro tower, but that's a couple years down the road, the iMac is more reasonable).

This really is a ramble. Feels like a book I once read that I wrote. Well, not a book, book. More of a collection of freeform thought vomit or something of that nature.

Did I mention we got the Christmas lights up? We did. They're here.

I ...hmm. Really I'm not sure where I was going with this.

That's not multi-tasking...that's trying to do to many frickin' things at once. Doesn't quite work as well as we'd like to all think it does. At least not for me.

See...there's a whole lotta shit I want to be doing with my life right now that if I can pull it off well, will not only satisfy my soul AND pay bills. But right now it's not doing much of either. Because I gotta work for the man to pay the bills, there's not much left of me for the soul-satisfying. But soon. I'm working on that.

I'm working on a system. I'm much better at systems than I am at trying to do multiple tasks. This system involves me better managing my time between my job...my family...my walk with God...and my hopes and dreams.

Gotta get that balance.

And it's gonna happen. And I hate to cut this short, but I only gave myself so long to work on this before I focused on something else I needed to get done. And right now, that time is up.

peace out.

Oh...I and D? Jamming, hanging out, pizza, movies, guitars...I don't care what it involves...we just need to do it soon. Like Saturday the 12th? That work for y'all? lemme know. Because 'friendships' also go on that list up there. :-)


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