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So...this morning the alarm did NOT go off (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). I think I only threw the rest of the house schedule off by 10 minutes-not TOO bad.

Got ready, dropped Jen off at the bus stop and swung back around to pick up the work recycling (I'm on the green team, don't ask).

Took it to the Kroger near work, only to find that they did Newspaper and Magazine recycling only. Suxorz!  So to console myself I hit the McDonald's drive-thru where the following exchange took place:

FEMALE CAUCASIAN VOICE (shut up, I can TOO tell): Welcome to McDonald's, would you like to try a hot something something mocha?

ME: Nope. I want a number 10 with a diet Coke and an Egg McMuffin, please.

MALE LATINO VOICE: melmome mica donna, ma'i hep you?

ME (slightly confused as I just GAVE my order): Yes, I'd like a number 10 with a diet Coke and an Egg Mc Muffin, please.

MALE LATINO VOICE: you juan nummer ten? Will there anything else?

ME: Yes, an Egg McMuffin.

MALE LATINO VOICE: you juan memmagmuffin?

ME: Egg McMuffin? Yes please.

MALE LATINO VOICE: ok. thas six fitty (mumble mumble) firss winnow.

ME: Um....thanks?

Somehow it seemed funnier at the time. But it got me thinking....(a)I REALLY need to just stop going to McDonalds (especially after getting to work only to find that the hash brown they gave me was closer to a charcoal briquette)...and (b) is it SO hard to staff the drive-thru that we can't find people that actually take the time to care about the language?  I don't know. Perhaps my world view is more limited than I'd like to think, but I'm just getting sick of pressing '1' for English.  Shouldn't that be the default in America?

I don't know, I don't want to go TOO far down that rant or else they might give me my own talk show (hahaha).

Alright. I'm done with this for now...I'm not really sure where it was going, I was just trying to figure out how Egg Mc Muffin devolved to memmagmuffin. And if that's enough of a warning sign to steer me off that fast food highway for a while.

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled day.



Darrin said…
I think Meijer does cardboard recycling. (weird, that Krogers doesn't do cardboard).

McDonald's is evil. Just watch Super Size Me again. That should cure you for another month. If it weren't for teenage girls (and some teenage boys... and some adults as well) having enouhg problems with eating disorders, I'd say that movie should be mandatory viewing in high school or maybe even elementary school... or both. Want to take care of the obesity problems, make'em watch that movie.

We could make'em watch some PETA videos too.. but that would just drive everyone to being vegetarian and it would be a sad day when the country doesn't get at least an occasional bacon / sausage fix.

Have a nice day! :)
Todd S. said…
D-'Super Size Me' is required viewing. But I think the problem is, when you're a teen, the concept of your own mortality hasn't sunk in yet. At 15 I would have laughed. At 30 something, completely different story :-)
Darrin said…
well... yeah... you got the whole mortality thing that they don't get. that's true. like the kids that laughed at the 'don't drive drunk' videos.

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