So, I’ve been head over heels for the strip over at Questionable Content-even though apparently I’m like 3 years past the curve on that one. And through that site, I’ve found some other web comics (or ‘webix’ as I like to call them) that have been quite entertaining, too.


There was a time I wanted to draw cartoon strips (I’ll gladly thank Bill Watterson and Scott Adams for that).


So for a while I dabbled with it. I have drawings here and there in journals from various stages in my life. But it was just funny…I got to thinking….


What would happen if I tried to do that again today? I mean, what if I decided I needed ONE MORE HOBBY??? LOL. 


And this is what happened at lunch today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first episode of ‘Well Defined’


well defined # 1


I’m not quite up on the lingo, so I’m not even sure if ‘episode’ is the right word….or issue….or panel….or what.


This is OBVIOUSLY a rough sketch. Although I really like the idea of calling something ‘Well Defined’ when clearly, it isn’t.


And I see so much sh*t on a daily basis that makes me laugh and think ‘wow-did that just happen?’  And it did. Life’s pretty freakin’ funny if you take the time to stop getting all bent out of shape by it.  My biggest problem is that if I did that, I would want to put things in there that happened throughout my day…or put things in that would be what I REALLY wanted to say to some people.


And I think we can all agree that doing so would not end well.


But whatever. There’s one rough sketch in the can. And there may be more…who the hell knows?


That’s all I got for now. Time to get back to work.


There will be a more thorough entry later (along with an update to the photo blog from this weekend’s MS Walk-a-thon at the Columbus Zoo).


Until then, peace out homeys!


What the French Toast

This truly was a crazy weekend. Friday night started with euchre and adult beverages and went in to the wee hours of the morn. Came home, crashed on the couch (didn't want to wake anyone). Then somehow, I woke up to my phone flashing (yes, it was on silent). So, I had to head over to the church to let them in for their meeting (apparently I was the closest on the 'key chain' for people who had access to the building)....headed out to my car only to find....

Driver and left back door were open (push closed against the car, but not latched). Thought it a bit odd....figure I may have been trying to get something on my way home from the euchre-fest. Upon closer inspection I realized that my car had been tossed. Can't really say it was broken in to, but it was tossed. Everything from the glove box was on the front passenger seat....the altoid tin was on the floor. That back seat was messy (no change there). The GPS was on the front seat. I tried to figure out what was missing.

As near as I can tell, they took both pairs of prescription sunglasses and my back up set of glasses. They LEFT the GPS (and the charger)...and a bunch of other stuff (including the garage door opener) in the car. The officer surmised that they were startled and didn't finish the job. Annoying. I really LIKED those sunglasses, too. But all in all, I figure I got off lucky.

I guess it was probably Karma for dissing another friend that I was supposed to meet over at Brewstirs for brewskis. All told, by Saturday night, I had heard of 6 other people in the neighborhood that got hit Friday night.

Stupid. I hate people who break in to cars. My last experience with that was in about 1989 or 1990 or so...I was over at Ians and we had just gotten back from (or getting ready to go to) Dominos for the requisite large pizza and 2 liter of pop (each). We got in my car and noticed that they had taken my tape case. Normally not a big deal. But this had all my Kid Chill tapes (and a few Devilcake tapes I think). Don't know how we found them, but we drove around Huber Ridge until we found some kids walking with my tape case. I don't think I spoke. I think Ian did all the talking. I just glowered and tried my very best Firestarter stare. It worked, I guess, we got the tapes back.

Fast forward 2o years later. They left the tapes...and took the sunglasses....what the french toast?!

Saturday was pretty uneventful after filling out the police report. I napped from about 1-3 (or 4)...we got Domino's for dinner and then hung around the firepit with the neighbors. That is my IDEAL summer evening (I'm a simple man at heart). One of my neighbors who is the laptop king...loaned me this beauty I'm currently typing on. No discussion was made of how long he'd let me hang on to it. I upped the RAM and dropped the 250GB harddrive in it that I got for my other (dead) one. I figure when I get enough scratch saved (way after the Mexico trip), I'll make him an offer on it so I don't have to worry about peeling off the Autobot sticker I've already put on there (it looks sweet, yo).

Sunday morning was church...great message about walking with the Spirit (it's a WHOLE other post, so I'll spare you that for now). Then over to Jherons for Sunday dinner (excellent roast and mashed potatoes. I'm sure the cabbage and broccoli was on point, too, but I don't eat them, so I didn't).

Then we met to discuss the Mexico trip/movie extravaganza.

It was a productive (albeit silly) meeting. We decided to be a little more realistic about it and go in with the intent of getting a 60-90min. documentary out of it (instead of a full blown series...there was just no way that was happening).

Ironed out some other details. I have to say, I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing (even more so than I already was).

Sunday evening was pretty uneventful after that. I put together a stack of software I wanted to make sure I had on the laptop (and then proceeded to load it).

In more ways than one, this was quite possibly the quintessential Awesome French-toast weekend!

And because of that awesomeness, I was able to surf over some of the waves of suck that hit me at work today. I could go in to them, but really, there's no point.

I need to start working on the book/movie that's been floating around in my head now. As painful as the last one was to birth...this one might be more so. We'll have to see. This one may have a very limited viewership and truly just be written to keep parts of me from going batshit crazy (probably why I've hesitated to really start writing it...again..we'll see).

And with that, I leave you to what's left of your Monday.



F**k You, Murphy

Few things make me unhappier than unexplained hardware failure.

Here's how it happened...about 6months ago...my wife got a virus on her laptop (this was the Averatec that had been my primary laptop/editing computer for many years). Thought I got it cleared off (I didn't). So the game plan was to wipe it and do a system restore. That kept failing. So, I set it aside with the intent to come back to it with a fresh head.

Then Sammy Chews-it-all came along and chewed the tip off of the power adapter, so that kind of ended that. I had a spare laptop set up and gave that to Nancy. I had the netbook by that time-life was good. I didn't give it a thought.

Until the Mexico thing happened. Then I got it in to my head to sell the netbook, get a new AC Adapter, get a new harddrive, and get the Averatec up and running so I would have something I could write on (like the netbook) AND something I could do edits and rough cuts on while we were in Mexico (which the netbook would NOT be able to handle). All of which happened--except for the 'up and running' part. Looks like it's a dead IDE controller, which pretty much necessitates a new motherboard-which would cost more than a new (or newer) laptop. Not to mention that I don't have that kind of money right now.

Which is, to say the least, frustrating. I have no spare laptop now (got the one set up for Nancy and set up the other one for my mom for her birthday so she could write), I have no netbook now, and I have a harddrive and AC Adapter that I can't take back.

What I do have is a portable DVD player with a 15" screen. NOT gonna help me much with editing /writing. But...if you know anyone that needs a portable DVD player, I'm letting one go for cheap.

And Murphy, you suck...you and your laws.

The internal dialog continues...

Somewhere in my brain is a book...or movie...or lyrics...or really bad weepy teenage girly poems waiting to come out. I tend to procrastinate about a lot of things, but it seems I'm getting a head-start on my mid-life crisis.

The funny thing is...it's not really a crisis, per se. In my head I know all the variables...I know the expected outcome (or at least the one that should be expected)...I think I know what things would or would not make me happy. So...what's the problem?

Well...normally the problem is that I think too damn much. And that seems to be the case here, too.

Without giving away too much...the theme I'm working on is...how much of the past do we, as people, really need to hold on to? What's healthy...what's not? That kind of isht. Why were things so much better in the good old days? Don't know really. I just know that there are some thoughts and ideas kicking around my noggin and that they MAY just be the key to unlocking this whole 'living as the best me possible' kind of thing...and achieving my dreams...fulfilling my life's purpose...and living a happy and fulfilled life.

You know...minor things like that. I'll keep you posted, but it's not going to be a play by play...some of the shit I'm sorting through is for my eyes/head/heart only. So...just know now that you will be getting the censored version...you can have your first amendment b.s. when it doesn't involve my heart/head/soul mmmmkay?

And really, that's about all I got for now.

Back to paying bills.



Not a Good Place Right Now

I am finding it increasingly difficult to sit around and watch people act in selfish and self-serving ways. The irony of that, is that there are some very selfish impulses that I am, myself, fighting off.

There are times when I just want to pack up and go wandering...with whatever that may bring. Go somewhere...anywhere. See how long I could live off the kindness of strangers and friends. There are flaws, of course...that whole 'married with a family' thing...and a job...and bills--all of those responsibilities that make up my daily life.

So, at what point does sacrificing self for the sake of others cease to become noble and just become a reflection of a sad shadow of what you could have become if you'd only saved some of that love for yourself?

My mind and soul seem to be in a state of flux right now...searching for only God knows what. It's not a very comfortable place to be. What if through the searching I find that I've been doing it wrong? That the path I'm on is NOT really where I'm supposed to be and getting to the right path requires a complete upheaval of everything I know and love?

Luckily these thoughts are fleeting. Reserved for the corners of the night just before I fall in to a deep, dreamless sleep-and seldom make their way to the light of day.

This might be classified as depression. One year off meds-it's very possible that I'm backsliding. But the problem is...it's not that I don't want to do anything (as was the case when I was in my deepest depression-that only a few saw, and fewer still were able to pull me out of), it's that I no longer want to be doing what I'm doing. Like sometimes I wake up and find myself in a Talking Heads song...watching the days go by...

It might be more disturbing if I had not already convinced myself that a)this was a temporary thing, and I'd come to my senses soon enough...and b)I'm sure I'll get some great material out of this. And by 'convinced,' I mean 'mostly convinced.'

The thing is...I just don't know. My daughter has her doubts about the after-life. I myself am having my doubts about the life-after. The life-after my current job. The life-after my kids graduate high school and go to college. The life-after they go to college. The life-after that one day I wake up and realize that I'm nowhere NEAR to the person I wanted to be all those years ago.

Not my normal happy fare, I know. But the thing is...I have to get these thoughts out of my head. If I don't, I'll wind up going nuts. And having almost been there a few times, I can assure that it's no fun.

Please, though, don't worry about me. I've been down this road. I know how to get off of it. I just think I need to ride it out a bit. I think there was something on this road I missed back in 1999/2000 that I'm supposed to pick back up.

Just bear with me a little while longer.



Release the Kraken!!!

Before you read this, you should know 2 things.
  1. I am not a movie critic, reviewer, or skeptic. I'm a fan.
  2. Clash of the Titans came out when I was 10 years old. It was quite possibly one of my all time favorite childhood movies (next to Star Wars).
If you're expecting a review based on...well, anything, then I'm sure there are other sites that will accommodate you and tell you that this camera angle was wrong or that bit of mythology didn't match up to the REAL mythology. I ain't that guy.

I'm gonna give you my 3 word assessment of the 2010 re-tread of Clash of the Titans.


Yup. Fun. It could have easily 'sucked' (and based on what some of you have said after you saw it, it did)...but to me it was a blast.

The basic elements were the same, but the best part of this was there were only a few times in the whole movie where I found myself trying to remember how the story went in the original. The update had a good feel...they kept the whole reluctant hero vibe...and they even resurrected an old friend from the original (Who? I won't tell you who- you have to see it on your own to figure out who).

Most of the characters were the same. Some were shifted around, others were brand new.

But enough of 81 vs. 10.

The point is, I had fun in this movie. I saw it in 2D because I know that was their intent (and it was only sent back for the 3D overhaul after the success of Avatar). 3D is the new bullet-time...but I digress.

Point is, I had fun. Which is why I dug the first one so much almost 30 years ago...it was fun.

And I felt like a kid watching it.

Which is always good when you're watching a movie like that.

What's great to me is they knew what they were making...they were re-making a cult classic. The original is no great piece of epic cinema...but it was fun. The movie posters should pretty much sum it up.

After that, you'll have to go see it and judge for yourself (but remember...have fun!)




Failing NaNo - 4 Years and Counting

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