Politics...as usual....

I've been eligible to vote for about 20 years now...and for the most part, I have.

Last night (well, actually this morning) as the results from yesterday's mid-term elections came in, I realized that...for the most part WHO is in office is somewhat irrelevant. As long as the SYSTEM stays the same, it doesn't matter who plays the role. It's the system that's failing the people. And anyone put in the role will ultimately wind up being both a temporary hero and a scapegoat.

I think I figured out the actual 'flow' of politics. If you'll indulge me here...no fancy charts or anything, but here goes.

First start with SOMETHING...doesn't matter what it is...but we'll call it X for now.

Next, enter a candidate. This candidate will either try to get us to embrace X or if they are of the opposing party, they will tell us all the reasons we should be very very afraid of X.

Now, enter the media. The media, depending on which candidate pays them the most (or can further their exposure the most to the masses) will either reinforce that we should embrace X or should be deathly afraid of X.

This phase goes on for quite some time..in some cases it goes on for years.

As we approach the time to vote on these candidates, they shift their focus from being public servants (yes, politicians are ACTUALLY supposed to be serving us, the public)...but they shift from their hard work serving us to trying to secure their jobs for the next term...again by telling us how great X is for us or how awful X is and we can't possibly stand N more years of X (where N is the number of years, and X is the thing).

We, the people, Vote.

Yay. Democracy in action.

Another politician is elected. Depending on whether you liked or feared X, you are either happy or sad.

1 day after you vote, your life is the same. The Politician goes off to do their job of serving you.

This service results in a body of work. This work is supposed to ultimately help you, the voter, the boss, the one who gave them their job and are now, paying their salary. For the length of their term (up until about 6 months before it's time to vote again), the politician will be doing their job.

Let's call that job "X."

The Who had it right in their song 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.....'Have you seen the new boss? Same as the old boss.

I guess, in terms of voting, I look for the person that's going to f**k up my life the least. But ultimately it doesn't matter WHO we elect. The SYSTEM is set up to assimilate any idealistic, moralistic individual that dares try to change it.

The irony is...the system WANTS to be changed, but the very way to change the system from within requires that you enter the system. And by the time you get to a place with enough power and influence to finally affect change to the system, you are assimilated. And then it's time to vote again. And someone younger, or taller, or prettier with better teeth or cuter kids will be electeed. And you'll be out. And the system will not be changed.

But you will. And we, the people will be changed to. More callous...perhaps some will be more afraid than we were before. Or a bit more apathetic. Some will be happy because their 'team' won.

At least in the short term.

Until it's time to vote again.

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