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No Resolutions

Every year I fall in to the same trap as everyone else (no..not the trap of generalization, although I know we all do that one, too) trap I mean is that of doing one or both of the following as the year comes to an end:Making any kind of "OF XXXX List" (best of, worst of, most annoying boy band comeback of)Putting down a list of resolutions I have no intention of keeping through the month of JanuaryI'm sure I made resolutions as 2010 started crowning. And I may or may not have stuck to some of them (SPOILER ALERT: I didn't, don't bother looking through last December's posts).
This year, I've decided to go with simple precepts. And while not 'religious' in nature in the strictest sense, they do possess a spirituality for me. When I do these things, I do feel more connected to my core.
My precepts for 2011 are fairly self explanatory, short, and easy to do intentionally: LaughLoveLiveJamShootWriteFilm And, I know that by doing those with gre…

In the Temple of the Butchered Cow

1990-1992 was a very jacked up period in my life. I'm not even gonna lie.
1990 I graduated. My HS girlfriend decided to break things off and I was introduced to the concept of 'casual sex.'
Fall of that same year while away at college I drank from the Devil's teats and tried my first taste of alcohol (And second, third, fourth, etc). Winter of that year I pledged a fraternity and later got Walking Pneumonia. Later that winter I got one of the lowest GPA's of any student at DePauw whilst still being able to remain a student at DePauw. I finished out my turd of a freshman year in Indiana and got set to come home to Ohio and go to school at THE Ohio State University.
But to get a sense of what really went in to the making of 'ITTOTBC' you have to go back to 1988 when I got my first guitar (well, probably earlier, but this isn't really an autobiography, now, is it?).
I got my first 2 guitars approximately the same time. 1 was from my grandparents. A Lotus ac…