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A Thank You Note to the Photog Gurus in My Life

This might get strap in or skip ahead.
If you've seen my Facebook posts for more than 2 days in a row, you've probably figured out that my dream is to do photography full time, for a living...and to become a world class photog (with a Nat Geo cover shoot before I die).
Not sure how this next line is going to go over, but I'll say it anyway.
It's easy to get in to the photography game. The cost of entry has come way down. I have gear with capabilities/functions that 10 or even 5 years ago I would never have been able to even look at, let alone own. It seems that anyone with a DSLR can call themselves a 'photographer' (hell, that's pretty much what I did). And there are websites devoted to showing the follies of doing just that.
MASTERING the ART of photography, however, is something else entirely.
But I got two ways, actually. The first is that I think I have an eye for the shot and knack of getting 'that' moment (time will bear out …

Sugar High

When I watch movies like Empire Records, I'm reminded that no one truly has their shit together. And that's a good thing to be reminded of because it makes me less inclined to want things in my life that don't really belong in my life.

I've already exceeded the "Nearly 3AM attention span FB post word length limit" so maybe this sentiment is better suited for a blog post.

Which brings us to now.

So in the flick there are young adults and the hip record store owner Joe.

And pretty much everyone's introduced with their little 'issues'...(some are just exposed later in the flick).

But everything works out. In perfect Hollywood Fashion.

All conflict is resolved...the record store is saved...the man is damned and credits roll.

There are a couple of moments in the film I truly love. Any dialog with Lucas. He reminds me of how I think people used to look at me when I would get philosophical (whew...good thing I don't do THAT anymore).

The other scene I love i…

Facebook Junkie?

I think I'm somewhat of a Facebook Junkie. I suspect as my eating habits and exercising habits change, I'll wind up changing and/or conquering my sedentary addictions (at least that's the intent), but in the cold grip of a Central Ohio Winter, there seems to be nothing wrong with hanging out in front of the PC...playing Words with Friends, scrolling up and down the Facebook wall and pretending to 'catch up' on my 'friends' lives.

There are of course quotes around the words that are stark rationalizations.

I'm not catching up. I'm being a welcome voyeur. People post what they want people to see. And if by chance something gets posted to the public wall that was only meant for private eyes, these same people pray that they removed the post before too many of their invited voyeurs saw it.

And I do the same thing. Unlike the hyper-instant nature of Twitter...Facebook is feigned spontaneity. A good portion of my posts that seem like 'quirky' and …


In a completely surreal moment in my life, I just shot and edited my daughter's Sr. Pictures. It seems only yesterday I carried her from the delivery room to the NICU.

She was born premature. And the first 48 hours were the hardest of my life. I suspect the 48 hours before she leaves the house to live her amazing life will be the second hardest. I don't wish for that day to come. I just want to reflect.

My daughter is creative...a free spirit...a free thinker...and sometimes she gets wrapped so deep on a thought that it takes awhile to come back up for air. I know this because she is, in a lot of ways, like me.

I don't know what the future holds for her. I know that she has a lot better chance of not f**king things up than I did. (I really kinda screwed the pooch from about 19-21). 21, I decided I didn't want to be in my parents house any more (rookie mistake)...and had to live my own life. I met a woman...fell in love. Had an amazing baby girl.

And life, as I kn…

Lard Ass

First off, I'm not even sure that Blogger will let me keep that title. We'll see.

Now....what does it all mean? You clicked here and you're instantly greeted with something that could definitely been seen as derogatory. And it is.

But it's also me. I'm the Lard Ass.'s ok. I've embraced it. For now. But soon...very soon, I'll be letting it go.

Two things are starting up in my life tomorrow (well, today actually). A shift in diet and nutrition. That would be the first thing.

The second thing is...I'm making a movie again. There's a few of you that know why that may be shocking. And it's cool. Don't get too crazy with the Cheez Whiz. This isn't a big-budget Hollywould flick shot on the latest model of Red camera that's out there. No. This is a little video journal. An auto-bio-pic, if you will, shot on my POS Nikon L24 (no, it's not one of those point and shoots that shoots in HD. I'm tellin' ya folks this is lo-fi).


Best. Concert. Ever.

The title sums it up. Last night (Thurs night) I went to the best concert...ever (up to now).

I am speaking, of course, of the Foo Fighters at Nationwide Arena. I waited until a week before the show to get tix. Turns out that was a good thing. I wound up getting 'General Admission/Floor'....and in parenthesis...*No Seats.* Now, I'm no spring chicken...and the reality of the situation is this...I would be standing for quite possibly 6 hours.'s the fucking Foo Fighters. The album they just put out is just one of the best straight ahead rock albums this year ("Wasting Light")...and they did it old school. If they couldn't play it live with their instruments (and pedals) to tape, it didn't get on the album. They recorded to analog tape. And you can just has that warm 'rock and roll record' vibe to it.

So...I wound up taking the floor. Got one of the last parking spaces in the lot and walked up to the ground floor entrance. I s…

Long Train Runnin'

No, I am neither high, nor going to write a post about my brother (although I could, at length, I'm sure) title refers to the fact that I was listening to Pandora radio and ELO's "Telephone Line" was on. Yes, I'm quite aware that it bears no resemblance to the Doobie Brothers, but hey-I'm inside my head-not, trust me on this, walk away from trying to make it add up. I doubt you will.

If this post (long overdue, I know. I'm sorry about that) ever gets done, it will be a miracle as I'm constantly succumbing to my latest addiction--Words With Friends.

So...where was I? Oh yeah, long time since I posted  (duh..THAT'S where the title came from...told you we'd figure it out).

What's been up with me? know the usual. I'm gonna go ahead and adhere to my policy about not talking about the job that pays my bills, if that's OK with you. It's not that I'm paranoid or anything, it's just that I'm sure …

Way Late Post From a Way Fun Weekend

I'm way late in posting this. Well, by way late, I mean a week. Which for me (who used to blog all the friggin time, it seems, is way late.
It really was a blast of a weekend, so I'll just dive right in then.
Friday night, I brought back an old friend, DJ iTod. Regular readers of the blog may remember DJ iTod's sole performance back in 2005 (or was it 2006)...either way. A friend asked if I would DJ a elementary school carnival. After some thought (not much at all), I loaded up the borrowed band PA gear and got stuff ready at McNamara Park north of Westerville (which is a kick-ass shelter, if you're wondering).
The kit looked a little (exactly) like this:

Since I was rocking the laptop only (and had the iPod in my bag), I figured it was OK to re-use the DJ iTod moniker (although I'm pretty sure I never said my name at all, so it didn't really matter)
On the other side of the shot it looked a bit (exactly) like this:

DJ iTod in the hizzous. You can't tell by the l…

Too Many Me's

So, I just posted on Facebook (which I really am probably doing too much (but more on that later)...I just posted the following:
sometimes it feels like there's a few different dudes kickin' around in my noggin'. It gets a little crowded sometimes. And I have to let them out...either through writing...or music or's getting to the point where it's really friggin' crowded up there the point where sometimes I feel a little....well...crazy. Hehe. And maybe I am....just a little bit.
and sometimes I feel that way. I feel like I'm wired not like other people. Any kind of in-depth discussion for anything over 11 minutes generally confirms that feeling. It's not really a sense of dread as much as it is a sense of 'What the fuck?' As in ' I'm wired differently for a reason. What the fuck is the reason?'
I don't feel like I'm on a Blues Brothers mission from God (or maybe I am...fuck...seriously...maybe t…

Epic Weekend of Epic Awesomeness!!

Man...this week sucked. And by sucked I mean I was a bit frustrated at my day job. There's really no need to go in to that here, because, well, the week is done. And I'd rather not re-hash any of that.
But it was necessary to lay the foundation for my mindset by the time Friday evening rolled around. The mindset was, I needed to forget ALL about the week. I had made plans for lunch and hang time with my best bro Darrin for Saturday afternoon. Which left Friday to get the weekend started proper.
I hit up a surprise party for a friend early in the evening at Jimmy V's. Jimmy V's is in Uptown Westerville (don't ask, it's a post for another time)...and it's like 2 blocks from the Westerville Police Station. Now, I'm not a fan of drinking and driving anyway, but those odds led for me being fairly subdued at that event. I hung out a bit....ate some apps....nurse my Smithwick's...gave my well wishes to the Birthday girl and headed over to my oasis.
That woul…


There are certain phrases that are designed to make the person speaking feel better about what they're about to say...although they SOUND like they're meant to console the recipient of said verbal muckity muck (which they almost never do).
For example:
"No offense, but...." This is almost always followed by something that someone with half a brain would find offensive (this usually counts the speaker of said phrase out, since if they, in fact had half a brain, would know they were about to offend and would just shut up).
"I don't mean to be rude..." And yet, you're gonna be if you start a sentence this way. Along the same lines is 'Now...don't get angry' or 'I'm not looking to cause trouble...' Too late-words came out of your mouth.
And here's one that I almost typed on a friend's blog as a comment
"If it's any consolation..." This one is actually the sneakiest of them all. Because it catches you off guard. …

He Had a Dream

This isn't going to be another 'Remember MLK' kind of post or riddled with inspirational quotes from a dead guy. As crass as it sounds, they're not really helping, are they?
I think the main difference between racism of the 60's and before is that it was right out there. BAM! "No Negroes"...."Whites Only" really couldn't miss it (a burning cross on the lawn sent a pretty clear message of hate....horrible, but was effective in passing along its message). And I think in some parts of the South, you still can't miss the mess. What's funny is, I'm sure there are as many places in the 'North' where it's just as rampant (but not nearly as obvious).
And no. It's not 'funny''s ironic and sad, if you must know the truth.
Just today I posted on Facebook: "i fear that we, as a society, may have painted ourselves in to a corner when it comes to any honest and open discussions about racism in Ame…

Dropping in on Acid...again

Not sure where the time went between the last post and now. And quite frankly it doesn't much matter.
I know that I've been working...and doing some writing...some practicing for the acoustic duo/band thang...and some snow shoveling...and of course, Acid.
No..I don't mean that which drove Mr. Barrett out of his ever-loving mind. I speak mainly of Sony Acid. A loop-based cut and paste music production tool that people seem to compare to Garage Band (even though it pre-dates Garage Band by easily 10 years...but I digress).
So..yeah...cleaned off one of the external harddrives and loaded it up with all the loops I could find (yes, even the shitty Magix ones)...all told about 20GB of loops and samples.
And I've been playing. Yes, in general, I have steered away from the 'borrowed' and 'eval' versions of the software. I could tell you I did all of this with Acid Xpress. Let's just leave it at that.
I've done 3 songs in as many days. Not sure I can keep u…