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There are certain phrases that are designed to make the person speaking feel better about what they're about to say...although they SOUND like they're meant to console the recipient of said verbal muckity muck (which they almost never do).
For example:
"No offense, but...." This is almost always followed by something that someone with half a brain would find offensive (this usually counts the speaker of said phrase out, since if they, in fact had half a brain, would know they were about to offend and would just shut up).
"I don't mean to be rude..." And yet, you're gonna be if you start a sentence this way. Along the same lines is 'Now...don't get angry' or 'I'm not looking to cause trouble...' Too late-words came out of your mouth.
And here's one that I almost typed on a friend's blog as a comment
"If it's any consolation..." This one is actually the sneakiest of them all. Because it catches you off guard. …