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Epic Weekend of Epic Awesomeness!!

Man...this week sucked. And by sucked I mean I was a bit frustrated at my day job. There's really no need to go in to that here, because, well, the week is done. And I'd rather not re-hash any of that.
But it was necessary to lay the foundation for my mindset by the time Friday evening rolled around. The mindset was, I needed to forget ALL about the week. I had made plans for lunch and hang time with my best bro Darrin for Saturday afternoon. Which left Friday to get the weekend started proper.
I hit up a surprise party for a friend early in the evening at Jimmy V's. Jimmy V's is in Uptown Westerville (don't ask, it's a post for another time)...and it's like 2 blocks from the Westerville Police Station. Now, I'm not a fan of drinking and driving anyway, but those odds led for me being fairly subdued at that event. I hung out a bit....ate some apps....nurse my Smithwick's...gave my well wishes to the Birthday girl and headed over to my oasis.
That woul…