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Way Late Post From a Way Fun Weekend

I'm way late in posting this. Well, by way late, I mean a week. Which for me (who used to blog all the friggin time, it seems, is way late.
It really was a blast of a weekend, so I'll just dive right in then.
Friday night, I brought back an old friend, DJ iTod. Regular readers of the blog may remember DJ iTod's sole performance back in 2005 (or was it 2006)...either way. A friend asked if I would DJ a elementary school carnival. After some thought (not much at all), I loaded up the borrowed band PA gear and got stuff ready at McNamara Park north of Westerville (which is a kick-ass shelter, if you're wondering).
The kit looked a little (exactly) like this:

Since I was rocking the laptop only (and had the iPod in my bag), I figured it was OK to re-use the DJ iTod moniker (although I'm pretty sure I never said my name at all, so it didn't really matter)
On the other side of the shot it looked a bit (exactly) like this:

DJ iTod in the hizzous. You can't tell by the l…

Too Many Me's

So, I just posted on Facebook (which I really am probably doing too much (but more on that later)...I just posted the following:
sometimes it feels like there's a few different dudes kickin' around in my noggin'. It gets a little crowded sometimes. And I have to let them out...either through writing...or music or's getting to the point where it's really friggin' crowded up there the point where sometimes I feel a little....well...crazy. Hehe. And maybe I am....just a little bit.
and sometimes I feel that way. I feel like I'm wired not like other people. Any kind of in-depth discussion for anything over 11 minutes generally confirms that feeling. It's not really a sense of dread as much as it is a sense of 'What the fuck?' As in ' I'm wired differently for a reason. What the fuck is the reason?'
I don't feel like I'm on a Blues Brothers mission from God (or maybe I am...fuck...seriously...maybe t…