Way Late Post From a Way Fun Weekend

I'm way late in posting this. Well, by way late, I mean a week. Which for me (who used to blog all the friggin time, it seems, is way late.

It really was a blast of a weekend, so I'll just dive right in then.

Friday night, I brought back an old friend, DJ iTod. Regular readers of the blog may remember DJ iTod's sole performance back in 2005 (or was it 2006)...either way. A friend asked if I would DJ a elementary school carnival. After some thought (not much at all), I loaded up the borrowed band PA gear and got stuff ready at McNamara Park north of Westerville (which is a kick-ass shelter, if you're wondering).

The kit looked a little (exactly) like this:

Since I was rocking the laptop only (and had the iPod in my bag), I figured it was OK to re-use the DJ iTod moniker (although I'm pretty sure I never said my name at all, so it didn't really matter)

On the other side of the shot it looked a bit (exactly) like this:

DJ iTod in the hizzous. You can't tell by the look on my face, but I was very close to brain-mush at this point. Something about 2 1/2 hours of children's songs. To be fair, though, They Might Be Giants have some killer kids tunes.

After packing up the kit I headed home. I by-passed a couple of Friday the 13th parties that were happening and headed home to freshen up a bit before hitting Brewstirs. Don't really need to get in to too much detail about Brewstirs. I go there. Friends show up. We drink. We (sometimes) order pizzas*. Sometimes we dance. Sometimes we sing. In the Summer or the winter, cuz it ain't no thing. But yeah.

Saturday morning I was to meet Ian and Darrin at the quarterly record show. As I pulled in to the lot, I remembered Ian was without cell phone. So I called Darrin. Darrin was sitting this round out and spending a nice family-time weekend with, well, his family. Which is cool.

I headed in and spotted Ian. Halloo's were exchanged and I started my path of walking around having absolutely no clue what I was going to spend my dj-gig dough on.

And then I saw it.

And I knew I had to have it.

Yeah. Christmas With Colonel Sanders. Seriously, how could I NOT buy this. The almost ancient Chinese guy in the too white suit was giving me that hypnotic smile. (the photo is from some other site because I'm kinda lazy that way). There's a nice letter that takes up almost the full inside written by (I'm assuming) the Colonel's own marketing staff. I haven't played it yet, and really don't know if I'll ever need to.

I also picked up a copy of "Green" by R.E.M to sit right next to "Document" on my record shelf. I was on a quest for 12" singles (still trying to convince Brewstirs to do a retro/vinyl night). Pickings were slim. Well, let me re-phrase that. There were quite likely a shit-ton of 12"singles there...but as we've established by the previously nicked photo, I'm a bit lazy. So I was looking for vendors who had the good sense to pander to my laziness (and potentially minor hangover) by separating out the 12"singles from the rest of their collections. I found a couple such vendors and left with the following gems:
  • Run-DMC "Hard Times"
  • Prince "Let's Go Crazy" b/w "Erotic City"
  • Thomas Dolby "Dissidents: The Search For Truth"
I'm still trying to find a replacement copy of Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock "It Takes Two" to replace the one that I lost when Flamingo Isle closed its doors (before I got my vinyl out).

After circling one more time than necessary for me to know I wasn't about to flip through any more records, I found Ian and a new guest to the party Michael Million (who I thought I might have seen earlier, but dismissed it because as last I knew, he was living out of state...but nope..it was him (and still is, I presume).

We gathered up the wagon train and headed off for gyros. We skipped the scary mob-front gyro shack on Morse Rd. and headed further east on Morse Road and wound up at the Mykanos Taverna in Gahanna. And I have to say. I had the BEST gyro I've ever had.

It was called the Athenian Gyro...and I jokingly called it the 'Po'Boy Gyro' when reading the menu description. When it arrived, I knew I wasn't far off.

Dude. I shit you not, this thing was awesome. The sauce was awesome. The seasoned fries were awesome. The fact that they were IN the gyro was doubly awesome. The whole thing freakin' rocked.

After consuming that heavenly feast (and kicking myself for NOT getting the Groupon for that place) we waddled up to Music Go Round (there was an Orange Whip reference related to bottled water in there too (I caught it Ian, no worries :-))

I knew I wasn't really going to buy anything, but it was fun to look at the PA cabinets anyway :-).

I honestly had more fun watching Ian and Michael go up and down the rows of guitars and the color commentary that ensued. It was good shit and I could see myself watching it on Discovery Channel at some point.

In the midst of all that we stopped for a Bad Grammar Moment:

To which Ian replied: "My all alone what?"

We may never know. The other funny thing about the shot is that Ian looks incredibly baked. Which, some may think he is...but if I had to put money on the last person on the planet to go that route, it'd be him. So...Bad Grammar+Irony=Comedy Gold.

I think the next pic pretty much speaks for itself:

I bugged off at about 3, so I'm not sure how the rest of the day wound down for Ian and Michael, but it was a blast. And one I hope we don't have to wait another 3 months for.

I headed home and grabbed the photog bag. I was excited to shoot a very special event for a good friend from high-school, Traci O'Brien (in yellow in the photo below). She was celebrating her 1 year anniversary of being sober. It was cool as shit. Her friends and family came out to support her. Her sister Nancy actually got Traci to the house under the guise of a birthday cook-out (it was Nancy's birthday), so it was just all perfect. And Traci was surprised. It was a fun afternoon, and I was blessed to be able to capture some of those memories for them.

Not sure how Saturday could get MUCH better, I headed home and started going through the pix. I wound up heading to Brewstir's for the rare '2nd Night in a Weekend' jaunt (but it was, afterall, an epic weekend, so I felt the need to keep it going).

Sunday was very much a lazy/chill day. I think something happened to make me think it was a cool continuation of the previous 2 days of the Epic Weekend (but for the life of me, I can't remember it now as I'm staring down the clock reminding me that in 4 hours and 58 minutes I'll be getting up to get ready for work).

So, that's about how the way fun weekend went.

Man....writing feels good. I need to do more of this shit.


Talk to you later, peeps.


*-So. The Pizzas. Normally I order a pizza or 2 (if there are many friends there). Tonight was no exception. I ordered a pie from Classic Pizza. Well...we got a new delivery guy. Complete Rookie. The first time he showed up (12minutes after I ordered), he gives me some other guys pizza (which I paid for)...and I swear I almost got my ass kicked over it. Luckily we didn't eat off of it...he gave me the money I paid and everything was cool.

Second time this guy comes back (with my pizza this time), he's looking for 'Bob' (now, I'm not sure Bob and Todd could ever sound alike, but whatever)....so this dude is freakin out. And Chris, the bartender knows Chris, the manager at Classics. So...we assure the guy that he's not going to lose money...someone will buy the pie. And I was like 'dude...this MIGHT be my pizza anyway, can you just open the box and let me see it'....he was freakin'...he was like 'I've been here 2 times already tonight and it's just BUSY in here'...I said 'yeah, you're gonna be back 2 more times before the night's over (it was 3 times)...long story short (too late)..it WAS my pizza. So now Chris and Bill (the bouncer) call me Bob-Todd. Heh. Normally Pizza delivery goes a little smoother. LOL.


Too Many Me's

So, I just posted on Facebook (which I really am probably doing too much (but more on that later)...I just posted the following:

sometimes it feels like there's a few different dudes kickin' around in my noggin'. It gets a little crowded sometimes. And I have to let them out...either through writing...or music or photography...it's getting to the point where it's really friggin' crowded up there again...to the point where sometimes I feel a little....well...crazy. Hehe. And maybe I am....just a little bit.

and sometimes I feel that way. I feel like I'm wired not like other people. Any kind of in-depth discussion for anything over 11 minutes generally confirms that feeling. It's not really a sense of dread as much as it is a sense of 'What the fuck?' As in 'ok..so I'm wired differently for a reason. What the fuck is the reason?'

I don't feel like I'm on a Blues Brothers mission from God (or maybe I am...fuck...seriously...maybe the blog isn't the best place for this mental vivisection)...

Switching gears.

I'm in a weird state today. I pumped gas in my compact car at $4.09/gallon. And then 3 hours later was told that the leader of one of the largest terrorist organizations (second only to the Catholic Church) had been killed in a precision strike by Navy Seals. I'm not going to say his name, because the last thing I really want is the search engines to pick up on my little bloggy blog.

But...we're given the news by a very somber President. And it's great, right? We should be celebrating. The Bastard that orchestrated the attack with the most casualties on American soil was finally dead. WooHoo.


I mean, we should be celebrating, right? Singing 'War is Over (Happy Christmas)' and all that shit.


Yeah.. I don't know, bro.

I mean. He was a human.

Sure...possibly evil incarnate. And I'm certainly not defending his actions.

But celebration of a death.

I just don't know.

See...I was caught up in the 'America-Fuck Yeah!' fervor until about 11:09 this morning. And then it kind of hit me.

What hit you Todd?

Glad you asked.

See...I have long held this....theory...this innate knowledge (that's been with me for quite some time)....that there is no God.

Yeah. You read it right.

And you didn't read it right.

You read 'There is no God' and are sharpening up your pens (or your home row keys) ready to call me a heretic, or even worse, an Atheist.

And I may be. I'm not sure yet. What is it when you think All things are God? (even the Atheists and terrorists?) Cuz whatever THAT's called, I'm probably closer to that.

So...just a glimpse (because there's really more here than a single blog post).

But when I say there is no 'God'....what I really mean is that there is no God separate from you and I. And really, there is no You and I. There is no Us and Them.

We are ALL God. All of us. Every single one of us God.

No, not A god....THE God.

All of us.

WE are God experiencing Its Creation.

(And like I said, there's more to it than this post will allow)...point is....if we are ALL God (every single living entity on this planet (and countless other planets) is God.

God wants to feel what its like to be sorta talented in many areas (but never really excel in any of them) and to be living a life that he knows can be so much more (if I could just remember the fucking key).....so, a piece of God is living out that path. And it's called Andrew Todd Skaggs....just to experience what that's like. Sort of like writing the dictionary...and then wanting to FEEL....to LIVE what every single word in that dictionary means.

Whatever's going on in your life, God wants to experience it.

So...what better way to feel ALL of the ranges of possibilities than for God to just BE those things. So...we're all God. (I'm not here to debate that point....it's really only the setup for the next point).

So...as God....we are to rejoice when something Evil is destroyed? Are we? I mean, that evil thing was also a lifeforce on this earth. And if my hypothesis is correct, was also part of God experiencing itself.

Seriously...the problem with most western religion is that it assumes that there is a force equal to God that's battling God for control of our eternal souls. And in the same breath, we're told that God already won the battle.

Well, of course he did. He set up the pieces on the board. Shit...he IS the board. You ever try to play Stratego with yourself? You know ahead of time where the bombs, canons and flags are. Of course you're going to win.

Its kind of like when I was little I had my GI Joes (second generation,not the 12" action figures with kung fu grip). When I played GI Joes, each character had a different voice and they were true to their form.

But I gave them life.

They didn't do anything that wasn't already in my head. And sure, sometimes Cobra won (because, lets face it, if you had StormShadow, he HAD to kick some ass every now and then...and the twins whos skin changed color in the sun)...but ultimately, GI Joe won....because he was the 'good guy' (even though he was made out of the same stuff as all the others...same material...same mold...somewhere along the way, we decided he was the 'good' guy).

And heaven forbid something happened to my action figures. Like if my mamaw accidentally threw them out (from stepping on them on the front porch step one too many times)...I was sad. Even if that one was the 'bad guy'....I lost one of my 'creations'....one of the actors in my play time was gone.

Get it?

If we're all God experiencing its creation....then we ARE ALL GOD*. So...any time there is death that is unnatural, it should be a time for mourning.

Which leads to the next question.

Is it unnatural?

If we are all God experiencing its creation, then any scenario that happens while we have breath has to a)Be Necessary and b) be known

This isn't going where I thought it would (damn dudes in my head steering things in a different direction again.

I need to cut this short before the guys in white coats show up. I'm not ready for their visit yet. Someday, but not quite yet.

In short, I guess, my point is...celebrating the death of 'the enemy' is a dark road. I've seen what it's done to people who have served in war.

It that fucking Free Will that steps in to screw shit up again.

Alright. I think that's all I can let out for now...my brain is swimming in places I'm not sure it should be just now.

Peace Out.


*-I just use the word 'God' because it's a concept that most can understand (even through the saturation of the western world). In reality I think it's a force much bigger than any of us really can imagine (at least while clinging feverishly to this 'world', that is).-AT

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