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Best. Concert. Ever.

The title sums it up. Last night (Thurs night) I went to the best concert...ever (up to now).

I am speaking, of course, of the Foo Fighters at Nationwide Arena. I waited until a week before the show to get tix. Turns out that was a good thing. I wound up getting 'General Admission/Floor'....and in parenthesis...*No Seats.* Now, I'm no spring chicken...and the reality of the situation is this...I would be standing for quite possibly 6 hours.'s the fucking Foo Fighters. The album they just put out is just one of the best straight ahead rock albums this year ("Wasting Light")...and they did it old school. If they couldn't play it live with their instruments (and pedals) to tape, it didn't get on the album. They recorded to analog tape. And you can just has that warm 'rock and roll record' vibe to it.

So...I wound up taking the floor. Got one of the last parking spaces in the lot and walked up to the ground floor entrance. I s…

Long Train Runnin'

No, I am neither high, nor going to write a post about my brother (although I could, at length, I'm sure) title refers to the fact that I was listening to Pandora radio and ELO's "Telephone Line" was on. Yes, I'm quite aware that it bears no resemblance to the Doobie Brothers, but hey-I'm inside my head-not, trust me on this, walk away from trying to make it add up. I doubt you will.

If this post (long overdue, I know. I'm sorry about that) ever gets done, it will be a miracle as I'm constantly succumbing to my latest addiction--Words With Friends.

So...where was I? Oh yeah, long time since I posted  (duh..THAT'S where the title came from...told you we'd figure it out).

What's been up with me? know the usual. I'm gonna go ahead and adhere to my policy about not talking about the job that pays my bills, if that's OK with you. It's not that I'm paranoid or anything, it's just that I'm sure …