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Sugar High

When I watch movies like Empire Records, I'm reminded that no one truly has their shit together. And that's a good thing to be reminded of because it makes me less inclined to want things in my life that don't really belong in my life.

I've already exceeded the "Nearly 3AM attention span FB post word length limit" so maybe this sentiment is better suited for a blog post.

Which brings us to now.

So in the flick there are young adults and the hip record store owner Joe.

And pretty much everyone's introduced with their little 'issues'...(some are just exposed later in the flick).

But everything works out. In perfect Hollywood Fashion.

All conflict is resolved...the record store is saved...the man is damned and credits roll.

There are a couple of moments in the film I truly love. Any dialog with Lucas. He reminds me of how I think people used to look at me when I would get philosophical (whew...good thing I don't do THAT anymore).

The other scene I love is where Gina sings lead in the Coyote Shivers song. I love THAT scene for a couple of reasons...1:It's a great version of the song (should have been recorded and put on the soundtrack that way)...2:You can actually see the terror in her eyes of performing in front of people....and then you see that give way to her actually realizing that a dream is coming true.

And that's a beautiful fucking thing.

I know firsthand what that feels like. As I look around and see the photography gear around me. And I see dupes of the prints that I delivered for a client. And I see the number of 'LIKES' on the TwistedZen Photography Facebook Page. And I see the words that people have left (of encouragement and thanks). It's pretty fucking clear to me that a dream is coming true.

And that my friends is a beautiful fucking thing.

The other thing that is awesome about that movie (which was the original FB status update and the start of this piece) is that you think that certain people have their shit together. You are led to believe that the people are envious of the traits of their co-workers. And then you find out just how un-together everyone actually is.

And that's usually my wake-up call.

See...I have a tendency sometimes to look at someone and be like ' have an amazing (fill in the blank....'life'....'bank account'...'career you love'..) wish I had something like that.'

And that, my friends, is the deathtrap.

We are not meant to compare our lives with others. Nor should anyone look to us for comparison. Inspiration, sure. Comparison? Never. No one will judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves. And because of that, if you get in to the comparison game, you'll know the right buttons to push to really wind up doing some damage to that person you're judging (which, if you haven't been following closely, is you).

A fellow photog friend of mine posted that he's got some open time tomorrow and wants to do a shoot. And he got replies from peeps wanting to model from him. And I'm like 'damn...wish I could do that'...and I caught myself. See...thing is, I CAN do that. But I'm not really ready to do that yet. One day I will be. So to compare myself and my situation to him and his, is just stupid. We're two different people.

And you know what else continues to blow my mind on a daily basis?? Since you're still reading, I'll tell you. It's when people come up to me (or email or message me) and tell me that they enjoy following my posts and my progress on making the dream come true. That it inspires them. That it has motivated them to seek out their passion.

Do you have any idea how flippin' cool that is to me? Pretty flippin' cool, let me tell ya.

I had an whole other direction to go with this post, but it's after 3AM and I'm tired. I already fell asleep whilst typing this (and finished it in my head), waking up to find that I was 10 paragraphs back. Bummer.

Anyway...I'm out.

Remember...dreams don't come true. You have to go MAKE them happen. And you are not better or worse than someone else--so don't compare yourself to them. It's never a worthwhile endeavor.

Dream Big or go the fuck home.

And remember, you never know who is watching always be prepared to help a fellow dreamer along like someone ahead of you on the path reached back to help you move along.

Damn the man. Save the Empire.


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