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Not A Wedding Photog

I have a confession...I love shooting photos. I love creating art. I love capturing moments that my clients will love their whole life. That specific moment in time that instantly takes them back to the second the shutter snapped.

I do not, however, love to shoot weddings.

That may surprise some folks (especially the weddings I've shot, which--honestly--is a low number),but it's true.

Now...I can shoot weddings. And I have. And the allure to do so because of the potential income is always there. But it's not where my heart is.

And...if I'm being honest--I don't have a passion for shooting weddings like some photographers I've met recently.

And it was this week, while sitting in a workshop on lighting that it clicked for me. The presenter (an AMAZING wedding photographer) said (and I'm paraphrasing)..."Don't take a shoot if you're not 100% in to it. It's not fair to your clients who are super excited for their day. And it's not fair to anothe…

T-Shirts? F**k Yeah!

I love t-shirts....the quirkier and geekier, the better. I had some kick-ass ones that got recycled to the thrift stores because I outgrew them.
Well, let's be clear. I got fat. And I was ok with that. Honestly I was. I have as of late always been comfortable in my own skin. It was only when I tried to do things that my body couldn't do because of the weight (see Party Rock Anthem Saved My Life for details), that I had real issues and reservations about the 150 extra lbs I was carrying around.
Oh. Yeah. The doctors said that I should weigh (at the high end) 185 (which was my weight my senior year in high school). I was pushing upwards of 330...easily.
And, like I said, for the most part I was ok with that.
But I really had some sweet fucking t-shirts.
The fattodd way of wearing them was to always wear them pulled over a long sleeve t shirt that was ridiculously oversized. Somehow it worked (at least in my mind). But as I said...I still wound up recycling some of them (RIP Atari L…

How Party Rock Anthem Saved My Life*

Before we get too far in to this post, watch this. Go ahead. I'll wait.

OK. Did you watch it? Did you see all the dances in there? People focus on 'The Shuffle' throughout that dance, and yes, it does play a major roll in that video (it's pretty much the go-to move).
25 years ago when I was in shape (and dancing all the time), we called that the Running Man. There are actually quite a few 'old-school' dances in the video. To name a few: The Running Man (a.k.a. the Melbourne Shuffle)The WormThe Kid-N-PlayThe MoonwalkThe Tom and Jerrya section from "Thriller" (the Zombie dance) And I could do most of them. 20-25 years ago. I danced those dances (and others) every week at Flamingo Isle...and school dances...and my room. Point is...I knew the dances and had no shame in busting them out whenever the mood or music struck.
Enter 25 years later. Add about 150lbs. (in high school I weighed about 185....this past October I tipped the scales at 330).
I heard Party Rock…

78 Days of Little Things

It's a bunch of little things. Really it is. If you haven't seen me in a while, it may seem like one big thing. But, really, it's a bunch of little things.
It's a couple of friends that knew how much I was screaming inside at the lardass that I'd become. And they cautiously offered something they thought could help.
It was a subtle change in diet. Drastic at first from the sudden fast food abstinence. But gradually it became a little thing.
It was shopping out the outer walls of the grocery store (where the non-processed, or lightly processed foods reside).
It was giving up pop. This was NOT a little thing. To be sure. At 6-8 cans a day, this was huge. But with the tools in the 24Day Challenge, there was no caffeine withdrawal headaches. And 78 Days later, I can honestly say I don't miss pop.
It's little things.
A comment here. A text there.
Little words of encouragement (that meant so much more than I can adequately express) on Facebook...or Twitter or via text…