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The Honeymooner

Don't worry, I'm not going to actually moon anyone...not yet, anyway. I'm referring of course to the fact that I'm very nearly done with my 3rd week here at the new job, and I'm still loving it.

Of course I know that reality will probably set in at some point and I'll be faced with the gut wrenching question of 'What the f**k did I just do?!?!?!' Hahaha. Yeah right.

 No. It won't. I mean, sure, I may actually stop LOVING it here, but for me, the opportunities and chance to make a difference here outweigh anything I can come up against.

It really is the perfect fit for me for this stage in my life and really, I don't think I could have asked for anything more. Whatever deity you do or do not believe in, I can tell you that this job...this opportunity was the answer to many years of prayer.

And the timing was fantastic. A couple of other cool things have happened. Due to a dead Android phone (And the fact that I was strictly budget minded, I…

Not a Role Model

So...I've been on a journey...maybe you've heard me talk about it. Maybe you're following me on Twitter or Friends with me on Facebook (or, you know me in real life, too ;-)) and you've seen me use the tag #nomorefattodd (except in real life, because honestly, who the hell talks like that in regular conversation??)).
See, this journey officially kicked off for me on November 14th, 2011. That's 4 1/2 months ago. Give or take. The pic on the left was taken in Aug.2011. The pic on the right taken in Mar 2012.
When I started I weighed 328.8lbs. As of Friday (March 30th), I clocked in at 284.4lbs.
So....this shit is real. And it's happening.
And yes, I'm really doing it. And yes, I plan on sticking with it (I've already gotten rid of 2 trashbags of fat clothes and have another one about ready to go).
This is real.
And I need to make something clear about this. I'm doing this for me. I'm not doing it to prove the naysayers wrong or the cheerleaders right. …