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Not a Role Model

So...I've been on a journey...maybe you've heard me talk about it. Maybe you're following me on Twitter or Friends with me on Facebook (or, you know me in real life, too ;-)) and you've seen me use the tag #nomorefattodd (except in real life, because honestly, who the hell talks like that in regular conversation??)).

See, this journey officially kicked off for me on November 14th, 2011. That's 4 1/2 months ago. Give or take. The pic on the left was taken in Aug.2011. The pic on the right taken in Mar 2012.

When I started I weighed 328.8lbs. As of Friday (March 30th), I clocked in at 284.4lbs.

So....this shit is real. And it's happening.

And yes, I'm really doing it. And yes, I plan on sticking with it (I've already gotten rid of 2 trashbags of fat clothes and have another one about ready to go).

This is real.

And I need to make something clear about this. I'm doing this for me. I'm not doing it to prove the naysayers wrong or the cheerleaders right. I'm doing this for me.

Because I can honestly say, 4 months in to this journey that I feel a shit-ton better now than I have in YEARS....decades maybe. No lie.

So...yeah. Journey to a healthier Todd.

No...I'm not doing a 'diet', before you ask.

But...I did kickstart this whole thing with a 'program.' And here's what it involves:
  • Eating the right foods
  • Exercising a little bit every day (I get in 20-25 minutes 5 days a week)
  • Taking vitamins and supplements to make sure my body gets what it needs that it might not be getting from the foods I'm eating.
"Gee Todd, that seems simple"

I know, right?! That's exactly what I thought.

And that's why I went with this program (it's the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, btw)....but it seemed easy to follow...I checked all the supplements and vitamins I'd be taking on the program (not gonna lie, about 20-25 pills a day) and saw what they did and how they helped the body get in to it's natural rhythm and it made sense to me.

But it's working. No--it's not a diet. To me 'diet' is a temporary solution. This isn't temporary. I'm making this change for life. My life. So I can live it healthier and happier.

It's weird, though, being public about this journey. It may seem that I'm doing it to get attention, but I'm not. I'm really doing it more for accountability. If I tell you what I'm doing and I don't follow through, I know you (and I have a few very specific friends in mind when I say this) will hold me accountable. Not in a 'dude, you screwed up' kind of way...more in a 'hey man...dust yourself off and get back on this horse, you got this!'

THAT kind of support is vital to me.

What I didn't expect to happen was that it would actually inspire or motivate anyone else. I mean, I really was being selfish about publicly tracking this stuff...I needed to throw it out there and just be accountable for what I was doing.

But when friends tell me that they started making changes because they see the changes I'm going through, that gives me something I never saw coming. That gives me reserves when the doubt kicks in. That adds fortification to the armor.

It's pretty powerful stuff, to speak frankly.

I am not doing this with the intent of being a role model. I just want to help people in my life...and the first person I needed to really help, is me. So...that's what I'm doing. Everything else that's coming along with this is really just the icing. It's the good stuff.

I feel like I'm babbling...but everything is really kind of falling in to place and I think it all started with the resolve to live a life with #nomorefattodd.

I'm not going to bullshit you and say that I don't see FatTodd in the mirror sometimes. I still do.

Granted, I don't see him as often as I used to, but he still pokes his fat head in to visit. But I see him less and less these days. Not every waking moment, like I used to.

It would be a lie if I said Life is Good right now, because the truth of the matter is, life is neither good nor owes you nothing and favors no one over anyone else. What MAKES your time in this lifetime enjoyable is your willingness to cherish those people and situations in your life, whatever they may be.

And if the people and situations in your life are not worthy of your appreciations, time, or cherishing, then they shouldn't be in your life.

At least that's the conclusion I'm reaching these days.

I'm going to attempt to use this blog more...I really need to get back in to the habit of daily journaling... after all, I consider myself a story teller and as such, I need to keep honing those skills.

Speaking of story telling....did I ever tell you the one about the guy who was 150lbs over-weight who decided to turn his life around and take charge until he was at his target weight and the rest of his life was going amazing?

No? Stay tuned, then...I'm still writing it ;-)



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