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Not too long since I wrote my last post. I think I also wrote it from my iPad. Which, I still think is pretty fucking cool. But I'm not here to gush about the iPad.

Well, I mean I probably will, but not just yet. No, today's minor random meandering is on the love/hate relationship I have with Facebook.

I find that since I joined (originally in 2008, and only then because our company's Fantasy Football league was going to use it), I have probably lost DAYS or even WEEKS in that time-suck.

And it's really my own fault. Part of it is that it feeds my own narcissism. I mean, I know I am funny, and witty, and clever, and have a seriously warped philosophical mind...but I seem to feed, at times, off of others telling me the same thing.

 And that's bad.

 I have long held the opinion as someone famous once said (Oscar Wilde, maybe) "What others think of me is none of my business"

And to a point, that's true. Enter Facebook. The instant gratification is ad…