The First Step

The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have a problem.
Alright, I admit. You have a problem.

Oh, wait, that's not what they meant. Hmmm. OK.

So, basically I'm still pressing on with the Facebook de-toxing. The urge to post some smiley thing to pump you all up and get me feeling good for helping you feel good is very hard to fight. But it becomes less so when I actually sit and look at my motives for posting things like that.

Are the posts really for me, or are they for you?

Good question. The line's still a bit too fuzzy to clarify. So, until I'm sure why I'm posting, I'm holding off. I'll let the thoughts bleed over here. I'm sure there aren't 800+ people watching me over here, so it feels a bit safer somehow.

I think that if I really look at all the time I spent on Facebook and put it to good use...you know, re-designing the web site (as I'd been planning for the last 2 years)...or actually going out and shooting pictures of something, anything, it would be time better spent.

And, as odd as it seems, the laptop was another step in that.

I never turned the desktop off. As a result, it was always connected...always online. As a result, Facebook was instantly accessible.

Sorry for the ramblings about this, but you see, it really is kind of a beast in my life right now, and I feel that I really do need to break free of it at least on some level.

So--if that bugs you, stop reading for a while. Because this is the one place I don't really make any apologies. Well, this and the 4 other blogs I have scattered over the blogosphere.

But this is the main one...the random meanderings on my journey toward the twisted zen.

Hang on...the next few months are apt to be a bit rocky.

Please make sure your tray tables and flight attendants are in their upright positions, we're cleared for take off.

Happy Monday.

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