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New And Improved

Just a quick sidebar here. I can't stand when advertisers say something is "New and Improved." Because it's just not possible. Improved means that something existed that has been made better. New means it's something that didn't exist. So, you can't make something that existed better if it didn't exist.

Something may be Newly Improved or with New Improvements. Both of which imply that the item existed, but that there are additional features and functions which have been improved upon (which, in most cases, is what I think the advertisers actually mean).


That being said...I am an improving Todd. Actually in many ways, I feel like a new Todd. If I were not a new Todd, I would be an improved Todd, to be sure.

I'm down 58 pounds as of yesterday morning's measure. That takes me from 328.8 down to 270.5. I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty jazzed about this.

Other than that, life is good. The car is fixed (after a second visit. It doesn't matter why, I don't feel like re-hashing it). And Mom's home from the hospital and getting used to life post-op (which, is never me...).

Life has been going pretty good. It's been weird trying to get used to having a daughter out of high school. I mean, she normally spent summers with her mom anyway, but it's odd to think that come Fall, it's up in the air as to what's going on. I think her current plan is work for a year or so and get $$ saved up for college.


On another note, as of today, I should be completely deleted from Facebook. I don't know if I'm going to get an email to that effect or not. I kind of hope I don't, that it just goes away. I don't have any plans at this point to go back. And to be honest, with the exception of a few people that I miss interacting with, I don't miss Facebook at all.

I have had some people tell me that they miss my inspirational/uplifting posts and they miss following my weight loss journey. And when they say this, I pretty much just point them to this blog and say 'It's just like Todd on Facebook, only real'

Because it is. On FB, I would find that I tended to be more passive aggressive in my comments...or post things that sometimes I didn't feel. If I was having a shitty day, I wouldn't usually come right out and say I was having a shitty day. Instead I'd try to find something uplifting to say and then feed off the positive energy of the comments. I think this is known as being an attention whore.

Once I figured out that's what I was doing (OK...once I actually admitted to it and realized I didn't like that aspect of myself), the choice to leave was pretty clean cut.

If you and I are friends, I will consider you my friend regardless of time, distance, or social media with which we interact, if any. We're friends. That's all there is to it.

If we were just friends on Facebook and that's it, then chances are you aren't reading this anyway and neither of us is the wiser.

Did I mention that I'm loving the new Todd? I have more energy and the day just doesn't seem like it's off to a good start unless I hit that bike for 30 minutes.

I'm planning on incorporating push-ups in to my fitness routine, too...and who knows, maybe (STRONG likelihood) do the Warrior Dash in August. It's something that I really kinda want to do just for me (even though a few friends are doing it too). One of those milestone moments.

Plus, it'll be a 5K (of sorts). I hate to run, but I like getting muddy....and fire. Fire is cool to jump through.

And just like that, lunch break is over.

I sincerely hope your day is bringing you so many blessings that you have no choice but to pass them on to others in your life, and that you bless them so much that THEY have no choice but to bless others.

It's pretty cool when that 'good thing' wave crests and washes over people in our lives.

Until later, peace out!




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