On Target

So, you may remember, I couple of days ago, I posted this-a list of my summer plans.

I'm happy to say the list now looks like this:

  • Revive the Blog.
  • Revive the Flickr Pro account and organize the portfolio over there.
  • Redo the TwistedZen.Com site
  • Set up a SmugMug Pro site for gallery/ordering
  • Remove photos from Facebook
  • Back up Facebook posts (hey...never know...there were some good nuggets on that wall from time to time)
  • Abandon (hope all ye who enter) Facebook
  • Write more
  • Shoot more
  • Rest secure in the knowledge that my true friends won't give a shit if I'm on Facebook or not.
Not gonna lie to you, it feels pretty damn good to be crossing that shit off. It's something I struggle with, finishing things I start. I'm trying to get better about it. I have books filled in various locations with lists of all sorts of designs and grand schemes...so to be able to cross things off my lists is a nice change of pace.

The weight loss is still going well (I haven't really fired up the #nomorefattodd blog yet, so I'll just throw an update here). I'm down 54lbs and healthier than I've been in easily 20 years. I know it has a lot to do with my eating, exercise and the Advocare products I'm using. It's been a nice triple threat to kill the fat and lazy Todd that was lurking around for way too long.

Alright, I should focus on getting to work (since that's what they pay me for).

More on this at the lunchtime break (perhaps).

Have a fantastic Thursday, all!!


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