Running Away 2012 Style

I saw a facebook magnet (god, I hate those) that said 'Threatening to delete your facebook account is like running away was as a kid...you'll come back.'

And that's probably true.

I tried to ween myself off of it before.
I posted on Facebook all the time about it. Irony, that.

Even now, while I'm trying to move on, all I'm doing is fucking posting about it. But my time on there tonight was a lot less than it would have otherwise been.

I swear it's the fucking devil.  Or at least a demon spawn.

I think I need a whole chapter in my book on "God, the Universe, and Whatever Else Pops in My Head"* on how antiGod uses Facebook and other (anti)Social Media to lure us away from love in to apathy.

You see, the opposite of love is not hate. To hate you still have focus as much attention and passion, if not more, on your object of hatred than you do when you're in love. The emotional ties are actually stronger with hatred. They aren't opposites. No, love and hate are more like neighbors.

The opposite of love is apathy. When you no longer care about someone or something, you fall out of love with it. You fall out of hate with it. It ceases to have any concern or hold in your life whatsoever. Apathy is the true antiLove. But that's quite likely going to be a chapter in one of my next books, so I'll refrain from including it here.

Fuggnuts. Wouldn't you know it?I still didn't cut my hair.

I need to. Shit's long.

See what happens when I just start going all stream of consciousness on it without any concern for whether I'm going to run out of space to type? Yeah...strap yourselves in ladies and gents. This is the real Todd. Not that Reader's Digest Condensed version you've been getting over yonder in Zuckerfuckerland.

With that dear reader(s), I'm off to bed. I have some things to check on in Dreamland.

One of these days I'll dig in depth about what I mean when I say 'Dreamland'...or I could leave that for the book, too.

Either way, it's time for me to slumber now.

Peace out.

*I was originally going to call the next book "UGH: Unifying God Hypothesis" but I'm really digging the title,  "God, the Universe, and Whatever Else Pops in My Head" instead. I mean, it pays homage to one of my writing (style) heroes, whilst simultaneously giving the reader a clear understanding about what they will be reading should they crack the spine and actually realize that there are words within.

Prettyfuckingbrilliant if you ask me.

no, I know you didn't.

Oh...sometimes I swear. And stupid me, one of my facebook friends is actually a co-worker (not at my location, but for the same company)....oh...and another is married to my ...oh...never mind. This is part of who I am. I have to be honest and tell you now that anything you get on this particular blog would be no better or worse than you would hear from me if you joined me for a pint at my local watering hole.

In other words, this is the unfiltered (mostly) Todd.

You've been given fair notice. Hope that helps.

Heh. OK. Now I really AM heading up to bed.

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