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It's no secret to the 4 of you that read my blog that I'm still completely on the fence about the merits-vs-timesuck argument that is Facebook.

To be completely honest, I could take it or leave it right now.

I find myself sifting through the posts on my 'wall' thinking "man...when did we all slip back in to high-school??" followed with "do I really need to know that you painted your toenails a nice shade of burnt umber?" which of course leads me to "do YOU all really need to know that I rode for 30 minutes on the exercise bike this morning??"

If you're keeping score, the answers are "probably from the moment we all signed up for Facebook"...."no, I couldn't care less, but I'll click LIKE anyway" and "probably not."

So...what to do about it?

I had a little mini-experiment going. Starting Friday I posted nothing of 'real significance'...just some Instagram photos. I commented here and there and dropped a few random 'likes' in here and there.

And guess what, the world didn't end. Friends didn't revolt.

In fact, I would venture to say that we all have so much fucking white noise on our Facebook walls that it really went unnoticed by most.

And that's cool, actually.

See, I get a bit of a rush when people comment positively on my weight loss journey...but a part of me has always felt that it was a superficial reaction on my part.

I rationalized this by thinking 'oh gee...I'm inspiring people and blah blah'...and I may be. And that's cool if that's the case. Some days I don't know if I'm posting because I want to motivate and inspire people or I want them to tell me what a good job I'm doing. I'm keeping it real here.

But the fact remains that I'm getting fucking sick of Facebook. I think that writing more, in a medium that better suits my ramblings (like a blog or three) would be better.

In regards to the TwistedZen Photography--I don't know how much business I'm really generating from that page. I think the current plan of re-vamping the Online site and using a site like SmugMug for the business end of things will go a lot further than anything I did on Facebook.

So I think the plan is to let the Facebook wall peeter out on its own. As I post more blog entries, I'll guide people toward that. The quest for the biggest friends list (which unconsciously I know I did for a while) is through. I don't care about that anymore. Truthfully, I really don't feel like myself on Facebook.

It's crazy to say it, but I feel like if I'm having a shitty day, the last place I can post about it is on facebook (which used to be the FIRST place I would post about it). Now, to be fair, there haven't been too many completely shitty days recently..but I feel like Facebook is no longer a place for me to vent if I need to. No longer a place for me to just let loose. Like there's some kind of underlying expectation on there--whether or not that's fact or made up in my head I have no idea---but it's definitely steering me away from that thing.

I don't think Facebook is completely evil in and of itself. But it plays to peoples need to feel connected. And that's the trap. Because the LAST thing you are is connected on Facebook. Thousands upon thousands of people sitting at their computers or staring at their phones thinking that they are somehow all friends? It's ridiculous. The height of this is when you see 4 people sitting at a table somewhere, all on their smart phones, posting where they are, who they are with, and how much fun they're having...and then commenting on each other's posts. And I only point this out because I've done it. And later I'm like --"gee, how much more fun would I have had if we had the conversation in person??"

vent, vent, rant, rant, bitch, bitch.

Enough talking...er...typing.

Plan "Facebook Detox" seems to be a go. I don't think I'm going to get where I want to be in life if  hours are stolen here and there by that siren-song singing online (anti)Social Media service. I hope this means I'm finally tackling the narcissism on some level. At least as much as any of us can.

Those that know me...you know, my friends, already know how to get in touch with me (phone, email, know where I live). Those that are my 'friends' on Facebook will either lose interest, or follow my exploits over here....and that's cool too.

Either way I'm gonna slowly get that beast out of my life.

Happy Sunday, y'all.


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