Sunday Funday

No photog gigs booked today. I've got a few hundred photos from this weekend's shoot to go through, though.

Laundry and some downstairs re-orging is on deck too.

**The preceding 'tell you the tiniest minutia of my life as though you care what I'm doing 24/7' was there just for those that have found their way over from my Facebook page (which, really, not too many people have).

Weds. or Thurs will actually be the 14th day, the day when the permanent deletion is supposed to take effect and there's no chance to recover anything from my previous Facebook life.

Or as I call it, Independence Day.

It's kind of funny. I'm writing more. Now, granted, I don't know if what I'm writing is more meaningful or any of that bullshit than what I was writing over on my FB profile or not. But at this point, I'm not quite going for quality. I'm just trying to get back in to the habit of writing what's actually floating around in my head and getting that out. I know there's another book in there somewhere and I need to get the writing chops back up so that it can flow out the way it needs to flow out. If that makes any kind of sense. Point is...a writer writes. (Thank you "Throw Mama From the Train").

I was talking to the neighbors yesterday after the anniversary party shoot and I got a good chuckle. I'm borrowing Dad's 300SE until my car is fixed. So, I get out of my car. I see my neighbor across the street and wave. Get my bag out of the car and head to my mailbox and grab the mail. My neighbor walks over to the fence and starts to ask what I'm doing getting in my mailbox. He honestly didn't recognize me! I thought that was pretty freakin' awesome. heh. And then somehow the conversation turned to quite possibly one of the best worst movies ever...

Death Race 2000.

If you have not yet seen this Corman Classic, then we're really not as close of friends as you think we are because I've owned it on DVD for nearly 20 years and have subjected all my friends to it at one point or another.

Anyway...go check it out. I won't say you won't be disappointed...but it's some funny shit.

AND (Darrin-pay attention)...apparently there's a Japanese rip-off of it that involves motorcycles. Pretty much the same movie except with motorcycles. I can't remember if I've seen it (or Darrin told me about it) or not. But...I have to find out about getting this thing. Because...well...it sounds as awesomely bad as the original (or maybe THAT one is the original, and Corman copied...who knows? who cares? I need to track it down).

I sense a movie night with the three amigos coming up if I can track that down (or if, as I strongly suspect, my man Darrin already has it).

So...yeah...that's about where we are this Sunday. I may or may not have thoughts plinko-ing around in my brain that need to be spewed forth here later today or not. We'll see.

Until then, have a fantastic Sunday Funday!!


(P.S. "Depeche Mode Radio" on Pandora is quite possibly one of my favorite stations).


Darrin said...

Deathsport... yes, I may have this one. I'll have to check when I get home.

Todd S. said...

I thought that you might!

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