Takes a Licking

It would appear that June is on target for some awesome things.
It looks like I've written more in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2  years. I don't think that's coincidence.

Mom's still in the hospital. Doing OK from what Dad says. Hopefully she'll be out Friday or Saturday at the latest. Still not sure what caused it, but we should know soon enough.

I'm a little off this morning. Had to change up the routine a bit to do some installs for work.

Oh, it's OK. I actually don't mind them. This job is still leagues ahead of the last one in terms of, well, everything.

Speaking of coolness...if you happen to be out and about near a place that sells motorcycles, or motorcycle accessories, you should check out June's issue of Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine.

Yours truly has about 6 or 7 pictures in there related to the Make It Fit Foundation Autism awareness motorcycle.

And the rumor is that I should have more pix in the July issue for Kip Meeks and Beckner's Custom Cycles. Still waiting to hear on that one.

It's been a pretty cool past few months, I have to say. The weight's coming off...and the blessings are pouring on. It's just pretty amazing to me how many good things are there (and have probably always been there) and that when I take the time to appreciate them, they come back to me tenfold.

OK--that bike's not going to ride itself. Heading out to face the day now.
Have a fantastic day, my friends.



Darrin said...

Congrats on the bike mag pics! W00t!

Todd S. said...

Thanks D!!

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