Two for Two

This is the second of two (possibly more) posts that I'm writing without actually having a connection to the interwebs. It's all good.

I'm sitting here at Brew-Stirs in the middle of the power outage...second night in a row. It's actually a little bit cooler here than it is in my house, and the beer is colder, that's for sure.

It's funny...there's a generator plugged in here to keep the jukebox and cash register going. Otherwise, it's tea lights and candles. It just makes me giggle.

And somehow I've kept enough charge on the iPad (I had it charged when I left work Friday) that I can still get some games of Bejeweled in AND write drafts of a blog post.

I really hope the power comes on tomorrow.

See....this is the kind of shit I could never really put on Facebook. This is me. This is the rambling Todd who just writes whatever the fuck is on his mind. And right now, I'm sitting in a bar...with no power. And writing a blog entry. It's goofy. And that's me. Goofy. LOL.

Today was kinda crazy. I had to go over to Lowe's and get a chainsaw. They were selling like hot cakes. They only actually had 3 left. All of them were Husquervarna. And I got one. And it rocks. I have the same brand lawn mower. And I have to say it kicked ass. The thing cut right through the fallen trees in my yard.

And I still don't have any power.

I'm a little buzzed. Heh. It's all good. Alright. I'm going to sign off right about now.

peace out.



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