Waxing Poetic

I want to just take a moment and...well...gush a bit.

I mean, not grossly or anything, but just to pause and say that 'yes...there are times when shit DOES actually work out the way you hope it will.' Or 'Hey...life in and of itself is neither fair nor unfair, but sometimes when you do good things, then good things follow'

And that's pretty fucking cool to me.

Oh. If you're new here, sometimes I swear a bit.
It's not a big fucking deal. Mostly it's just for emphasis and shit.

So...where was I?

Oh, the good things.

Yeah. I'm going on nearly 2 months at the new job....and I have news for you---I still love it! I still think it's a fantastic fit for my temperament and I love the possibilities there.

And dude...that's HUGE for me.

I don't really know how much I bitched about my old job on this blog (I was pretty paranoid after some friends' blogs got trolled by their employers)...but...near the end, I really fucking hated that place.

A 6mile commute was torture.

Now, the 21mile commute is awesome. OK...traffic still annoys me...but the DESTINATION is so much better that I don't really mind.

I feel like I'm making a difference. I feel like I'm part of the team (and as Team Lead, actually given the reigns to lead). And...I have the support of my supervisor and the VP of my department.

What? Recognition?  Buy-in? Support? These are (or were) foreign to me.

So...I guess the gushing part of the post is this.

I'm so thankful for the way my life has shifted recently. Starting in November with getting on the Advocare 24Day Challenge and sticking with that to now be down 53.4 pounds. To the renewed self-confidence that led to me getting the new job at MicroCenter in April.

Blessings...Karma...Answered Prayers.

Call it what you will (all three are, in fact, accurate)...the bottom line is....I'm loving the life I'm living right now.

And for THAT, I am truly thankful.



KerryMcGann said...

<3<3<3 You rock, Babe...teach me, teach me...I need a serious lesson in trading some gripes for.gratitude. Thx for the food for fhought..

Todd S. said...

Thank you! I'm a bit slow on the uptake (and replying to comments).

as for the g2g thing...I don't really know how the fuck to do it. it comes down to realizing that what you put your energy towards is what you will continue to be given opportunities to put your energy toward.

If that makes any sense in the slightest. Still trying to wake up in this lifetime. My soul's been around for a while, but there's a lot of shit in this lifetime that's bogging it down.

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