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Ain't Nothin' But A G Thang, Baby

You can't really see it too well from this pic (thank you Instagram), but that's a G5 MacPro under my desk and 2 Mac Cinema Displays (of differing vintages, but same size) atop the desk.

This is another step in the dream. Courtesy of my parents. No, Mommy and Daddy didn't run out to the Apple store and buy Toddy a new Mac for his photography. They put years and years in to building their business. This was a production machine for their graphic arts and print company. And this summer, they are closing up shop.

Rather than mess with eBay or Craig's List (and all the ensuing hassle that comes with selling a used computer), they knew that it would greatly help my photography business along (what aspiring photographer can't use a G5 pre-loaded with Adobe CS4 Design Suite? Yeah. I can't think of one either).

Needless to say, I'm stoked. This machine represents a significant chunk of what was once their dream and is going to help me grow and foster mine. Both from a business side..and a gaining experience side. Oh, there's still some cleaning up to do...some tweaking here and there to dial it in to my work flow. I'm completely pumped about it, though.

I know it means I owe Dad tech support for life...and he gets a free pro-photographer for any event of his choosing. But I'd say it's quite a fair trade. And at 5  years old, it's still new enough that it's going to do what I need it to do for quite some time yet.

And now for something completely...oh...yeah...forgot, the Brits kind of have a corner on that one.

Anywhoo. I haven't been here for a while. And that's because I've been working. Working like a mo-fo.  One cool thing about being the Team Lead is that people on the team are starting to now come to me for guidance. I'm starting to feel like I can actually fulfill the role they hired me for. The downside to that is that when it comes to things like coverage (we're a 24/7 shop), if people on the team can't cover vacations, it comes on to the Team Lead's shoulders. And that guy is me.

Now...don't get me wrong...that's not a complaint. I'm not bitching about my job. The difference in working for a place you love and a place you have grown to hate when it comes to things like making sure schedules are covered is night and day. These days I actually take pride in our team and WANT things to be done the right way..and to make sure there is coverage, even if it means I get to play a few less rounds of Words With Friends. It's all part of it. Part of sowing the seeds. Part of investing my time in a company that I know is going to appreciate me.

In short, it's cool. I don't mind. It's a good place to be...this place I'm at.

Now, ask me again next week if I'm still cool with it (I'm sure I will be, but next week we'll be through the brunt of the summer vacations).

Looking up at the clock, hard to believe it's not even 9PM yet. This might be an early night for the Toddster.

OK friends and fam, I'm out.

Have a great rest of your evening.



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