Bite Size Morsels of Who Gives A Rat's Ass

Heh. Bitter much Cocheese?

Meh. Not much.

I was putting laundry...well...from one thing to the other (either washer to dryer or dryer to basket, can't quite remember quite which now) and I walked by the boy playing Mine Craft. And I got one of those 'magnet's stuck in my head. You know the ones I mean...where they take and old timey looking pic and put something snarky on it. Mine would say: 
"Yes, I'm familiar with MineCraft. Building shit with blocks. When I was a kid, we called them 'LEGOs'."

And I laughed and cursed, very nearly simultaneously because it's bite-sized bits of wit (wit-bits) if you will, that would have blown up oldTodd's Facebook wall. So...to feel somewhat vindicated, I put it on Google+, to die in relative obscurity.

Speaking of vindication...had a great time tonight with C.J. and Shayne, both of whom are fellow ex-Pats from the place I used to work. It was great to see them...laugh..share the worlds best egg rolls...and rest secure in the knowledge that in the morning, none of the three of us would be going to work in a place I have affectionately come to think of as the 3rd circle of Hell*.

It was truly fantastic to see what has transpired in our lives since we all worked together. As usual, Shayne had some fantastically awesome stories. Dude can weave a yarn...and his laugh is as infectious as ever. It was a good evening.

Chilling with laundry on the spin cycle.

I can't help but look around and feel blessed at the things in my life. 

A trip down to KY is on the horizon...due to some things going on in Dad's corner of the world, it's looking like a solo trip...and maybe that's needed right now. I need a few days completely disconnected...just me and my journals and thoughts. And see what shakes out.

I know it's not much tonight...but it's all I got. I've got to go check on the laundry and look through some photos.

Tomorrow they're unveiling the NASCAR that was donated to the Make It Fit Foundation, so I'll be there getting pix.

Speaking of pix, time to do some editing.

Talk to you soon!


*To be fair...the third circle of Hell (according to Dante) was Gluttony. And in a lot of ways this fits, but that is a story for another time..because quite honestly, to spend any more time on that place other than a cursory "I'm so very glad I'm out, and blessed to have come so far" would be to give that place more power and credence than it deserves.

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