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Hey You! Who said that? Baby how you been?

One of these days I'll do a post where the title isn't a song lyric. Today is not that day.
Tomorrow's not looking good either.

So...this week has been a LONNNNNNNNNNG week at work. I think I worked about 60 hours. With the longest day being yesterday. Pulled a 13 hour shift. Solo. It's actually not as bad as it sounds.

I guess that's the difference. felt like a long week. And by 9 O'Clock last night, I was ready to go. But I still love my job. nearly 4 months in and I still think it's the best career move I've made.

Which is freakin' awesome!!

Speaking of awesome...the day started off with the scale telling me I was down to 268.4!! Which, if you're keeping score at home, is 60lbs lost since November! Must be a week of 60's.  Now, I'm realistic...I know it's going to fluctuate a bit before it steadies in the 60's...but it was still a great way to start the day.

And then, there was the drive in to work. I love love LOVE it when the perfect playlist just unfolds. It's even better when it happens on the radio (which isn't too often). But yesterday morning it did. And it Rocked!!

Here's a breakdown:

"Jump"--Van my mind, one of their best (even though it's pretty much saying 'ok...if you think your life sucks, you're an idiot and you might as well jump, otherwise love life. No...really, that's pretty much what the lyrics are saying. Go listen to it if you don't believe me).

"Runaway"--BonJovi...a perfect synth run starts the track then makes way for some blistering vocals and guitar work. No need to turn the volume down the 'ROCKYOURNARDSOFF' setting on the dial still applies.

"Smoke On The Water"--Deep Purple...again, volume can stay cranked on this one. This is pretty much the first song you have to learn when you get a guitar. I'm pretty sure it's a law somewhere.

"The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick In the Wall (pt. 2)"--Pink need to turn the volume down. Well...maybe just a bit when that screaming guitar comes in between the two songs.

So, yeah. It was a great drive in. Way to go QFM96.  I can recall something happening when driving that made me think 'oh man...I'm gonna bitch about that on my blog'....but, as it's more than 24hours later and I can no longer remember said 'something', clearly it wasn't worth mentioning.

Ended out the week with a little trip to Brew-Stirs. Seemed fitting. I didn't go Friday night (because of said working a long ass Saturday), so it was nice to cut loose a bit. Ran in to some old friends...met some new ones. Danced my arse off. It always amuses me when I dance. I know I'm still 'heavy'....sure, I've lost 60lbs, but I'm not where I want to be yet. And that's cool. But what's funny is the look on peoples faces when I start dancing. Like "Dude...I didn't know a big man could move like that!" and it cracks me up every time. Here's the secret....I learned the dances 20 years ago...when I wasn't fat. And my body still remembers them. Secret number two....I don't care who's watching. I'm not dancing for you...I'm dancing because the groove has hit that funk-muscle in such a way that it needs to be exercised. Hence the dancing. As I continue to get in to better shape, it's only going to get more awesomer. So hang on. And brush up on your Kid-N-Play kick step because we're gonna be rockin' that sh*t out!

Today's kind of a bit on the crazy tip. I'm heading over to CS Graphics to do some final walk throughs. Dad's retiring (I know...I can't quite believe it either). But it's true. It's really hard to imagine him not doing Printing.  One of his colleagues in the industry said it best "It's hard to imagine the Printing business in Columbus without you in it"

When I hear things like that, it makes me realize that he's kind of a local legend. A guru of a craft that has largely gone the way of computers and technology. But Dad really is an artisan. I'm not sure how retirement is going to treat him. But I'm guessing it's going to be a rough day when he closes the doors on that shop for the last time. It's kind of weird for me, too. There's a certain smell in a print shop....the ink...the platewash...the just all smells 'right' to me. It's a comforting smell. My earliest memories of me and my dad are from a print shop.  I've grown up around it my whole life. I guess it's going to be a bit rough for me too, not being able to just pop in to visit....smell that smell...hear the clackity clack of the presses running.

My brother still works for a printing company, a bit bigger than Dad's. So...maybe I'll just have to visit him more.

So....after the trip to CS, I'm heading over to set up some PC's at Mom and Dad's house and then off to a Sleep Study. Which, if you've never heard anyone talk about one is basically this--They glue a bunch of wires and sensors all over your head and chest--yes, GLUE-- and then they say, "Ok...sleep...NOW!"  I had one nearly 14 years I know I'm due for another one. It just makes for a long day after, because you don't really get to sleep sleep, despite what they named it. I'll probably take the iPad, hoping they at least have some wi-fi.

Alright....time to roll in to this day and see what it brings.

Peace out!!



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