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Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper

I can say, pretty much without a doubt, that I'm not the same person I was 3 weeks ago. I don't really know what I expected when I quit Facebook.

Actually. Fuck that. Thousands of people quit Facebook every day. Who cares. I'm not going to be known all over the world as the 'guy who quit Facebook'. Heh.

I start posts with that because it's easy. And on some level, I want it to be a bigger deal than it seems to be. But it's not. Seriously. It's not. I miss a handful of the people, and none of the bullshit.

Going on without power (sorry--had to stop typing to count). The rumor is that it will be restored by Sunday. If so, that would make 10 days without power. Only 3 of those were truly without. We rented a generator 3 days ago and have been running our fridge and a few fans off of it (and charging the occasional mobile device). So, we have not truly been without power...but it's been pretty sucky.

It's also the 4th of July (but this wont' get posted until I connect to wi-fi somewhere tomorrow), and I'm home writing...not out with the fam watching fireworks.

I don't know. I think this power outage just has me in a bit of a funk. I didn't feel like dragging the photography gear out to try to get pictures (Because, let's be honest...I don't want to try to dial in the D300 on the fly)...and for some reason, I don't just want to go 'watch' them this year either. Again...I blame the fact that I've been a big sweatball since about 6pm last night and just don't feel like going somewhere else and being a big sweatball. Besides. I want to sit at home and drink my Samuel Smith's Organic Cider....good stuff yum!

I'm in the middle of reading a book for work (From Good to Great...which is fantastic by the way)....and work is going swimmingly, thank you for asking. Anyway. I'm reading about these companies that made the leap from being a good company to being a great company. Now, that's cool to me on a few different levels. The first is the fact that the company I'm working for now buys in to that. They've adopted it as their corporate blueprint and they want to be a great company. And that has me totally jazzed. The second thing that's cool about it is, books like that always pump me up and get me thinking about how I can be a better person and how I can impact and make a difference in the lives of people I come in to contact with. Stuff like that really gets me revved up.

My ass is firmly planted in our new Martha Stewart Living (Dead) patio furniture. I can see this being a place for me to come and write. As soon as wi-fi is back up (or power, for that matter), or until I bite the bullet and add the personal wi-fi service to my plan, I'll be all up on this shiznit. All Todd, all the time.

I had something clever today with my name...some line in a song that I'd changed to have Toddly in it instead of whatever was there originally. It's gone now.

Shit happens.

So...I'm about 58 pounds down now...give or take the Beer 2LB that keeps jumping on and off. Which is cool. That's over halfway to my goal. I have to figure out something to kick start it though, because it's starting to feel a bit stagnant. Might be time for another cleanse. Just to kind of kickstart this thing and make it fresh again.

I feel a bit like I'm rambling. The larger questions of the universe won't really fit within the confines of this blog. It might be time for me to launch Pages and start back in on 'the book' and see where that takes me tonight.

A couple of you out there have read my first 'the book' autobiography of sorts up until the time I was about 28/29. The book I'm working on now is really nothing like that. Except that it is. And by that I mean, my same writing style...which is probably best described as 'stream of consciousness meets Point Break outtakes'...oh, well, hell. It's pretty much the way this blog flows. Which is to say...I have a lot of thoughts inside my head rattling around...I sit down to type, and the thoughts that are ready to come out, do. The ones that aren't quite ready sit and percolate for a bit until such a time as they are ready. And if they happen to flow naturally from the thoughts that were ready first and shit makes sense when you read it, then, lucky you.

If you and I were having a deep philosophical discussion some night in the wee hours of the morning, it'd pretty much be the same thing. Without the alcohol (unless you're drinking when I'm writing it, and then it's EXACTLY the same).

Whoa. This Samuel Smith's Organic Cider goes down amazingly smooth. That could be costly. That stuff's $6 a pint (Imperial Pint, that is). Next up to try is the Magner's Irish Cider. We'll see how that stacks up. It's a bit less expensive. And now to switch over to a Berry Weiss (Hey baby...).

Sounds like the finale just finished for the Westerville Fireworks. My dog is downstairs cowering in fear, and I'm finding that I still am not excited about them, or particularly upset that I missed them. Stupid Power Outage.

Yum. Berry Weiss. My boss has a great Berry Weiss story...but I'll let him tell it to you sometime. I hate stealin' other people's stories.

Alright. I think I am either going to (A)switch over and see if I can get any writing done in 'The Book' or (B)sign off and fire up another round of Bejeweled. ( least it's not Facebook...LOL).

Have a fantastic evening and hoping your 4th is amazing!





(Or rather, WAS amazing, since this won't actually get published until tomorrow the 5th. Which reminds me...I need to update the cronjob tomorrow, AND start training the new guy).


Air is cooling down....storm must be moving in. Yup. Just saw the lightning. might miss us. We'll see. If it does hit, I hope it doesn't knock out the...oh. Damn.


Alright. Now I'm seriously out.




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