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Happily Exhausted

Sorry to keep the 4 (are we up to 5?) loyal readers in suspense.

I feel like the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of suck and blow. And not in a good the least.

My mamaw passed away 2 weeks ago. It was sort of unexpected. By that I mean, we knew something was going on. She wasn't eating....she was losing weight. And that spunky Italian fire just wasn't in her eyes. So...we knew something was up. Just didn't know what. Turns out it was cancer. In her lungs (3 of the 4 nodes of her lungs) and her esophagus. We found out on a Tuesday. She passed on Thursday. So...the cause and the quickness were the unexpected parts. It really kind of sucks. I have no grandparents left on my dad's side. The only upside was a trip to the family farm in KY.

The weird thing (well, not weird if you know my history) is that I knew the day it was going to happen. The day my mamaw passed, this was the sky that greeted me as I drove to work.

I looked at the sky and knew that it would be that day. And it was that evening.
Rest In Peace, Mamaw.
Work has been supremely busy, too. And I don't mind...honestly. I kinda wish there were a few more hours in the day so I could get the things done I need to. It's a strange shift for me. The busy-ness and so-called 'stress' of the job aren't affecting me like they have other places I've worked. Perhaps I'm still in the honeymoon phase. I've been here nearly 6 months and show no signs of regretting even the least little bit of the choice to come here. Especially when I talk to people that are still at the old place. I am fully confident that I got out at the right time.

So...the following pic is the title of the post. This is me....Happily Exhausted. I took this last night. After 1 full hour of Hapkido followed by 1 full hour of kick-boxing. I do that 3 times a week. Yes...I double up like that on all three days. The instructors think I'm a little nuts. Well...they say that they 'admire my dedication and committment'...translation: "dude, you're crazy for doubling up on these." And I might be. But I look at it this way, both sessions have greatly different focuses...there are some overlaps, sure, but the main thing is one is meant to help me develop inner balance and sense of self and the other is meant to help me get my body in 'This is Sparta' shape.

And I feel like it's getting there. I'm getting more toned. My legs are friggin' ripped. And I'm getting more definition in my arms and shoulders. Now I just gotta get that 'core' in shape...and work on my flexibility.

Baby steps.

Speaking of baby steps...picked up one of these babies, too...
It's really meant more for boxing, but I figure if I get to the point where I can kick on it, too, then my flexibility will be improving. And it's a good first step until I get the $350 saved up to get the same kinds of bags we use in class.
Yeah...I'm sore. But it's really worth it to me. I had someone tell me I looked like I was 25. I I was 25 I was out of shape. I'm in better shape at 40 than I ever was at 25, trust me on that.
My Papaw's birthday was last Saturday. I toasted him with a shot of Jack. He's been gone 14 years now. I miss him nearly every day. Especially in the summers.
DUDE! Speaking of awesome. I almost forgot. Back in the late 80's...there was a freshman at Westerville South. He may have been the first freshman in the history of the school to get a varsity letter in multiple sports his freshman year..not for playing, but for Sports Medecine. He may also have been the first to be a 4 year Varsity Letter earner in Sports Medecine for multiple sports. He remembers the day he got his letter jacket...over 20 years ago. And here's the crazy thing....the jacket fits again!!!
That smile is genuine. I'm pumped as sh*t that I fit in to that jacket again. That's a size XL from 1987, peeps. That's HUGE. I can't wait to bust that out at the next high school reunion. It's going to blow some people's minds, I can tell you that much right now.
Alright...I think I've rambled on enough here to let you all know I'm alive. Feel free to drop me a line.
I'll leave you with a view from the back porch of the place that is my center...the Farm.
Have an awesome-sauce day my friends! And may you be so blessed that you have no choice but to share the blessings with other, and thus you will be doubly blessed (but not necessarily blessed with Dolby).


Ian Stewart said…
Sorry/hot dang as appropriate.

Todd S. said…
Thank you :-)
Darrin said…
Glad to see the new post. I was starting to get a bit worried. Anyhoo.... awesome on that jacket fitting. It's a great feeling, ain't it??? Glad that the job is still going well. And, dude, that whole kick boxing / kung fu tofu thing you got going on... that's completely insane... but kudos for being able to pull that off. That shows that you are getting into seriously good shape. Awesome-sauce indeed!!!
Todd S. said…
Thanks bro! :-)
Yeah...I think it's kinda nutty sometimes too when I think about doubling up...and sometimes in the morning I'm like..."I'll just take one class today"...and when I'm there...I just stay and it seems right. :-)

I've actually been contemplating getting back on Facebook for a 'no more fat todd'profile only. I've had people asking about my progress and it seems that not many want to take the time to hit the blog (and that's fine...the blog is still my outlet :-)

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