2012 Was A Kick Ass Year

As the year has officially come to a close, I take the time to dust of ye olde blog. For the 3 of you that still periodically pop in over here, thank you. I'll do better about keeping it up to date. I'm planning on going back to using FB as the the place for quick hits and weight loss updates and the blog for my thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts. I see the familiar trend of people bidding good riddance to the year that just past and vowing that the year a head will be even better than the last.

And this is not that kind of post.

First off, 2012 was an amazing year for me. For a number of reasons, including:

  • I left a job of 14 years and took a new job that fits me like a pair of fine Italian loafers.
  • I lost 70lbs.
  • I started kick boxing and Hap Ki Do and have put my body through some amazing physical workouts that I never thought I could.
  • I saw my daughter graduate high school.
  • I participated in my 2nd Help Portrait event.
  • I had some amazing photo shoots.
  • I reconnected with some old friends and made new ones.
How could I look back on any of that and say Fuck You 2012? There's no way. Sure...there were some rough spots. I buried both of my grandmothers with in a one month period of each other. And there's been some other rough spots along the way. But not so many that I would like to chuck the entire year. No friggin' way.


2012 was an amazing year and I feel closer to actually living my purpose than I've ever felt before.


I have no intention of pissing on that.


Nor do I have any intention of dwelling on how great things were to the point where I lose focus on what I need to do in 2013.


  • Namely:
  • Write. Every day.
  • Take more pictures. For fun. For profit. Or both.
  • Stick to the weight loss. 35lbs to go. I'm in the home stretch of that final 1/3rd. It's not going to be easy.
  • Laugh More.
  • Dance More.
  • Make more music.
  • Love.
  • Live.
And I don't really need to put a year on them. Most of those are not so much resolutions as things I need to do to live my purpose in this life.

My mission on this earth, this time around, is to inspire. I used to think it was to inspire creativity in others. And to an extent that may be. But I think the bigger picture is to actually inspire people.


Inspire people to do what, T-Bone?


I'm glad you asked, fictional voice of imagined reader.


I think that my purpose is to inspire others to see the true gifts they bring to the table. To let them know that there is something unique and special about them and that they have something to offer that is every bit as awesome and beautiful as that which moves them.


Maybe it sounds lofty. Maybe it sounds delusional. I don't know. And quite frankly, I don't give a rip. That's the deal. For me to live this mission, I have to be unwavering in my belief that you can be inspired to greatness. And that all it takes is something simple. Something ordinary. A word. A kindness. A post about how many pounds I lost this week. Whatever it is, it will trigger something in you that sets the chain in motion.


And, through that inspiration...we can get people to live and act from a place of love. Not fear. There's too much fear in this world. It's propagated for far too long. Had far too much of a stranglehold on the collective consciousness. It's time to start loving again. To start believing in each other again. To believe in the greatness in others.


It's about friggin' time.


Happy New Year



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