Bed Time

I should definitely be in bed right now.

I'm helping a friend with their laptop (something I'm trying to do less of, because, honestly...I just don't like spending as much time tinkering around on computers as I used to.) But for some peeps I don't mind.

But yeah...day 6 of anti-biotics, and I really hope the shit is helping. I don't feel as super cruddy as I did...but I know I'm not up to 100% yet either.

I've got a load of laundry in. The last load. I have to stay up long enough to make sure that the spin cycle is not out of balance, then bed time. Tomorrow evening will be wash the work out clothes, fold the rest of the clothes. Pull out clothes for the thrift shop. In other words, laundry night. Which, I'm good with. Has to happen. I don't mind.

So, with regards to the Fuji camera, I misspoke. It's actually the HS20exr, not the HS25 as I had originally thought. Very similar in scope and spec though. And I'm digging the pix I got with it. I need to test it out on the HD arena and then also make sure I can edit the footage with Vegas. I can't imagine there would be an issue.

I'm tired.

Hey. With this (lame) post, I just matched in one month, the number of posts I had ALL year in 2011. That makes me smile. It points out to me that I'm on target for the goal of writing more this year.  I concede that some of what I write is just tripe. But by writing and getting it out I'm getting back in the habit of writing. Which is a good thing.

OK, spin cycle is almost done.


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