Fittingly Circular

So...some of you may or may not know this, but I was a filmmaker at one point in this short life of 41 years.

You may know that, but you might not know that my first short film that I ever saw through from start to finish (that wasn't a family vacation film) was a little piece called "Air Check." This 'film' was shot using a Fuji Finepix A210. The camera was 3.2 MegaPixels (and considerably lower video quality). And it DID shoot video...but without audio. And the video clips were a maximum of 90 seconds each.

I was pretty proud of how the whole thing turned out. I still am, actually. You can check it out here. It's lo-fi...not because I was making some artsy statement, but because I was using what I had available to me at the time.

So, in a strange twist of all roads leading back upon themselves again...I find myself once again in the possession of a Fuji point and shoot camera. Don't read too much in to it, Fuji's have pretty much been my go-to for point and shoots when given a choice. So...due to some friends not really being keen on the one they got for Christmas, I am now the proud owner of a Fuji HS25EXR .  Which...I have to say is pretty sweet, because get this, this camera shoots HD Video. Like, full on 1080p HD video. I know, right? Crazy. And...on the photo side, it stores the files in RAW. It's seriously my dream point and shoot. The lens is an ultrazoom so it goes macro to telephoto. And it has a manual focus ring (which, I'm still not convinced about its effectiveness yet, but they get A for effort).

So, yeah, I'm kinda gushing over this thing because, oddly enough, it ties back in to my creative process. My Nikons are solid. And for straight up awesomesauce photography shots, they're my go-to's. But this thing, as my carry around every day came and digital video sketchpad (along with the combination of iMovie, and the video from the iPod) could open some crazy doors, creatively.

Time will tell.  Needless to say, I'm pumped. I may start going back through my old short script ideas and see what can be shot with some shoestring guerilla filmmaking stylings.

And I'm thinking that LardA$$ is probably closer to being made than I ever really thought.

Again, who knows where it will go. 

I pretty much just like new toys. Especially when those toys feed the creative urges.


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