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Plateaus Suck

I'm back down to 260 as of today. I've been here before. Just once, a month ago, I dipped below 260 for a week or 2. Now with the Holidays recently past, I've come back to this familiar place.

I ran a few reports on (member name filmdude71, you should friend me) just to see where I was at.

1 year ago the weight was at 295. come down from there to 260 was kind of a big feat. Or at the very least, it was progress.

And then I ran a 30, 60, 90, and 180 day report. Hovering in the 260's the whole time.  Which pretty much means that a year ago, I lost about 30lbs in 6 months and have been hovering there ever since.

Which prompted me to question why that would be the case.

Am I doing anything differently? Probably. I would bet I'm getting  a little looser with some of the calories I'm taking back in to my body.

There were also the 2 trips to Baltimore for work in that time period. Travelling and sticking with healthy eating don't always go together.

But what really just hit me, as I'm typing this post sore from last night's work out---I'm working out.
I started kickboxing in August. I started Hap Ki Do shortly thereafter. I now realize that the weight hasn't stopped coming off. Well, ok...the weight has slowed down in its exit from my body...but the FAT is coming off.

My legs are pretty well cut now. My biceps and arms and shoulders and pecs aren't chiseled yet...but there is some very obvious and clear definition to them now.

And the abs. Holy fuckballs I'm getting abs. I can see them. No lie. I have a pic that I took today that's even better than yesterday's slightly creepy foray in to Topless Todd land. But you can see them. There's clearly a 6 pack buried there under the remaining belly fat.

My mission is to blast that belly and get that 6 pack ready to come out and play this summer.

So...the weight is holding somewhat steady. As annoying as that is (and you have to believe me when I say that it kinda really irks the shit out of me), I have to remember that body is getting trim. The pants sizes are still going down (down from starting pants size of 54 to currently wearing a 42. Shirt size has gone from a 4XL/3XL to a XL.

I'm learning that it's all about focus. And that are certain realities that I have to embrace if I expect to succeed in my journey to #nomorefattodd (and believe me, I expect to succeed).

  • Fat does actually convert to muscle if you stick with it.
  • Muscle does weigh more than fat (it's denser so muscle in the same space as fat weighs more).
  • That number on the scale is a guide, not the bible. don't live and die by it.
It's taken me over half my life to get my head to a place where I love myself. Now it's time for the mind to catch up in regards to the body image.

Here's a startling revelation...It would take me another year to get back UP to the weight I used to be. And if I went back, I would likely die as I would have to double my caloric intake on most days and STOP working out.  I'm pretty sure I have reached the 'no going back' point. Well...let's be honest...I reached that point a long time ago. It's just making the conscious decision to stick to that choice of #nomorefattodd
Every. Single. Day.

Stay strong my friends. It's only life...this too shall pass.

Peace Out


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