Timing Is Off...And A Fake Apology

There comes that time when all the thoughts in my head seem to crystallize. The point in time where I know what I need to say. I know what my purpose is. And I see the effect those thoughts would have on the world (or at least the area within it that I have any influence over).

That time is, generally speaking, when my body has sounded the 'alright, that's in, we're done' alarm. And started the shutdown for the evening slumber.

And I can't help but wonder if that's not on purpose.

I have long held the belief that this world that we claim as our own when we are 'awake' is the actual dream. And that wonderful place we go to when we sleep (and dream) is the 'real' universe at large.

And yes...I thought this LONG before I ever saw the Matrix movies.

So...if that's the case then there must be something of a gatekeeper. And I think that when I'm close to those breakthroughs is when my body starts to feel sleepy. The gatekeeper is doing his job well. I think in olden times of yore that gatekeeper was called the Sand Man.

Already thoughts are getting muddied again. Things that were so clear to me as I started typing are now fading in to a drowsy haze as I get too tired to really think of any flow.

But before I drift off completely. I want to let you in on a little secret.

The Todd that is over on Facebook isn't the 'real' Todd. I don't think it ever has been.
The Todd that is on Facebook now is a residual self image of the Todd that I want to (and eventually do) become at some point in the future/past (don't get me started on the concept of time right now). So yes...in true Matrix fashion...it's how I see myself. The Todd that's on Facebook right now is the Todd that is going to wind up doing the most good in the world. And while he IS me, he's not the real or complete me. Just the me I will wind up to be.

So, sorry if there was any confusion. I do actually have bad days. And have negative thoughts from time to time. I just try to keep them off the wall over there. That's not why people read my posts.

And apparently they aren't reading it for pictures of baby spiders either.

But...um. Yeah. So...Facebook Todd by himself...not so much the full-on Todd effect. Blog Todd by himself...same thing.  Party Todd Photos...same thing. But, combine all those with all the other roles I play in this plane of existence and you start to see the full picture.

If that makes any sense. See...I told you I was getting too sleepy to really string it all together.

With that, I take my leave. Good night all. Sleep well. And enjoy Dreamland!


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