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Fleas Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Spent this past weekend in Olive Hill, KY at Carter Caves with the 'rents. It's our annual tradition of going down to the cottages there and eating, drinking, and being merry for 2 1/2 days.  This year I'm fighting a cold, so I didn't whoop it up as much as I normally might have, but it was still a righteous time.

Coming back home today we stopped at the 23 Southbound Flea Market (just south of Piketon for those familiar with 23's journey through southern Ohio).  

And as I'm walking through there, I just couldn't believe the amount of pure crap that they have. But crap aside, there are some gems.

Some of you might know that this blog got its start from me taking and posting pix of crazy shit that I saw at thrift stores. Up until I got threatened for getting kicked out for life, that was how I amused myself on this blog.

Today hearkened back to those days. I took several shots with my phone today at the flea market. Which..funny story.... A while back I was taking pix with my D50 at the very same flea market. And that did NOT go over well. Especially at the Gun 'collectors' table. So...I felt a little like I was living on the edge by being all sly and doing it with my phone today. 

OK. Starting off....the weekend really is pretty much all about getting away and eating...and drinking...and being merry. Dad made his killer vegetable beef soup. Which I consumed with some White Whiskey from Jim Beam. Good stuff!!

 The moonshine can be purchased at the state liquor stores...and is pretty much just for a gag gift for a friend. I've had some before...and damned if you really couldn't go blind drinking that shit.

 The fire was roaring all weekend. Even though the temps during the day were in the 40's and 50's, it got chilly at night.

 Stopping at the gift shop at Carter Caves, this piece really spoke to me. I picked it up and it felt right. It wasn't until after I had paid for it that the cashier gave me the card explaining the meanings. This is the Hopi Healing Hand. Symbolizing life, healing, and creativity. Yeah, I'd say that fits. Rumor has it that it's going to be my next tattoo after the Ash tree.

 And now we're on to the goodies from the Flea Market. I seriously almost got this. I mean...what could possibly go wrong?

 1983 called and it wants it's candy back! I love Zotz!! The sad thing is...the way things go at the flea markets, this could actually be from 1983.

 Saw several vendors with Atari 2600 games. Makes me regret selling mine to help fund a Playstation2 that isn't even getting played right now.

 Good luck unloading the Pac-Man game. At $1.99 it's still no bargain and to this day remains the 2nd worst Atari game in the history of Atari games (E.T. is the first).

 Table o' Beers. Or as I like to call it 'Redneck Heaven.'

 No shortage of framed Elvis art. Did you expect that there would be??

 In case of emergency, time warp back to 1977 and fire up the 8-track!

Due to my awesome stealth ninja photography skills, you can't see that this actually says "Necklace's 1.00 EAch"

 The difference between a relic like this and the Atari cartridges is that people can still play the Atari games and get some enjoyment out of them. What's fun about an OS that doesn't support USB? Not much.

 Nothing screams 'cross-cultural pollination' like a katana with confederate flag accents. Konnichi-yeeha!

 I think the 'unauthorized' part of this book comes from the fact that Burt is shown without his porno-stache. Pretty sure that's illegal in 34 states.

I think I had a few more shots, but really..I think that gives you the idea of what you're dealing with at these kinds of places. What's funny to me is that they MUST be making some kind of money to stay there.

Not sure I could do it. But damn it's fun to walk through and look at all the crap I don't need.

And with that, I head to bed. 

Peace Out, yo.



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